June 10, 2019

Hellboy minis

Back in April a bunch of stuff arrived thanks to various Kickstarters being delivered. One of these deliveries was the massive Hellboy Boardgame by Mantic Games. The box was massive, exceeding even my expectations with respect to the amount of stuff contained within.

Once I cracked it open and set up the introductory scenario I decided I wanted some colour on the board. After rummaging through the copious amount of Heroclix that I've amassed over the years I surfaced with the Hellboy set.

A few hours later I ended up with these.

Johann Kraus, Rasputin, Hellbaby & Ben Daimio

Lobster Johnson & Roger the Homunculus

Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman and Hellboy

"Hey, what's Rasputin doing hiding in the BPRD staff photo? Get him!"

Rebasing and retouching works wonders on most Heroclix minis. A few of these only got a sepia wash applied and were called finished. I redid the skin on the humans, highlighted a few spots and added some flame markers from my box of Reaper Bones. A quick drybrush on those made them match Liz's integrated flames pretty easily.

I will get around to painting some of the Hellboy board game models at some point, but at least with these I can play with colourful heroes in the meantime.

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Simon Quinton said...

These are ace. Nice work!