May 21, 2011

Marvel Factions is ready to go!

Ok kiddies, here are the details for our first Marvel Factions-themed event, which will take place on June 2nd. The format is Bring Your Own Two Teams but...I've picked your teams for you! Remember that BYOTT means that you use teams of two different affiliations, and they are automatically teamed up. Additionally, ALL the character cards in your deck must have one of those two printed affiliations, and all other cards MUST reference one of those two affiliations in its text.

I selected the teams using random die rolls, and have made some allowances for players that do not possess full sets of Marvel Factions. Finally, you may ONLY use cards from Marvel Factions unless I've specified otherwise below. Here's the team list:

Anthony: Any two team affiliations
Charles: Heroes For Hire & Defenders
Collin: Excalibur & Asgardians (may substitute one team for a DCU team affiliation)
Jordan: Asgardians & New Warriors
Roy: Defenders & Masters of Evil (may substitute one team for a DCU team affiliation)
Scott: New Warriors & Masters of Evil
William: Dark Avengers & Excalibur

Collin and Roy, if you make a substitution from DCU...that team's cards can only be from the DCU set. No Infinite Crisis, Green Lantern etc... Also, can someone please let Anthony know the format if you see him next Thursday, as I'll not be attending (I'll probably be standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon watching the sun set).

Put on your deck building hats and let's see what you can do!