May 10, 2009

Tournament report

Well let's give this another try, and see if I can make it stick this time. Friday was a good night, with ten players joining in the Alter Ego tournament. We even had a new player join us I threw the players a little curve before beginning: there was only 1 copy of each Alter Ego card to choose from! Each player got to choose from the pile (like a draft), so if someone had already chosen the one you designed for might have already been taken.

I chose Superman as my Alter Ego, with 75 endurance. I was playing my new Outsiders deck, which had performed really well the first few times I played. Sadly between my match-ups and my draws, I was only able to win one of my four games. Seeing the different match-ups play out with the different Alter-Egos added in made things really interesting, and from all reports everyone would be interested in playing with them again.

After four rounds of play we ended up with Harry as the top dog this time around, with Jordan taking second place. It's always cool to see the younger guys take the the honors. Congratulations.

May 03, 2009


Ok kids, looks like we'll try to have our Alter Ego tournament on Friday, May 8th. We'll return to our regular schedule and have another tournament the following Friday. Due to them being back to back let's make the next one simple: Golden Age open.

Mediocre Deck-Man out!