January 19, 2011

Warlord "Learn To Play" Tournament

On January 30th I will be hosting a Warlord introductory tournament at 2pm. People who are interested in learning the game are welcome to attend. I will provide decks for new players to use during the tournament. Of course returning players are also welcome to come out and play with their own decks as well!
There will be prize cards available to all participants (subject to the number of attendees). In addition to the promo cards check out the other great prizes I have planned!

1st Place: Receives the first TWO packs from the latest expansion City of Gold (APS #20 - The Storm Awakens and APS #21 - The Mummy).
2nd Place: Receives APS #16 - Tales of the Ruby Rogue

If attendance is six or more players, the players will also gain the right to challenge an Overlord. Overlords are the lowest tier of the Warlord challenge system. It is a high-level character who acts as warlord of their deck. They typically begin the game with special rules in play to them to make them even more powerful. The player who comes in first in the tournament gets to challenge the Overlord first; the second place player challenges the Overlord second, and so on. If a player defeats an Overlord, then the Overlord is theirs to keep. Once it is defeated any players who did not have a chance to challenge it do not get a chance.

Please contact me if you're interested in playing!