February 27, 2009

Next week's ban list

Well the deadline has passed and here's the ban-list that was submitted:

- Deadpool, Party Pooper
- Flying Kick
- Goblin Glider
- Mobilize
- Warp Shards
- Weapon Plus Sattelite
- X-Men Assemble

If a card has been printed in more than one set consider ALL versions of it to be banned for the night. It looks like most of us aren't alone in thinking that the newer sets have some of the more frustrating cards to play against. :)

Go to work gentlemen!

February 20, 2009

Yes Timmy, Wolverine is a nasty man

So tonight we had our second tournament in two weeks, and it was an interesting one. We had six players bring decks built around a single rule "characters in all zones lose and cannot gain team affiliations". We had Kang, Weapon X (Hunter is nice when reinforcement is unlikely), Future Foes and X-Force, MUN nasty characters and a Wolverine clone deck.

Due to the lack of team attacking and reinforcement going on games went pretty quickly and we were able to play four rounds again. I'd have liked to squeeze in one more just so everyone could play each other player, but there just wasn't quite enough time. In my first round I was paired up against Scott, who thoroughly trounced me with his hunter effects. I think it was 12 to -16 after turn 6...so I wasn't off to a terribly solid start.

Game two I was paired up against Harry, who had posted a loss against Will's Kang-craziness. My deck fired quite well this time around, if you don't count either of us being able to play a character until turn 3. Considering that I was able to get out my 3-drop Wolverine with a Muramasa Blade on my initiative and a 4-drop next turn with one, Harry just wasn't able to keep a character on the board. Will and Sebastien won their respective matches and it was on to round 3.

Jon was playing X-Force, without the X-Force stamped plot twists. I hit my 2-drop Elsie Dee and a couple of Healing Factors to keep my board going. When I was able to put my 7-drop Wolverine on the table while still having my 3, 4 and 6... He did use the RL-1000 to get the stun back on my 7-cost with his 6-cost Cable, but with only Siryn, Cannonball and Vivisector left to protect him it was done.

The final round saw me up against Will, who had gone 3-0 to my 2-1. Will had a terrible draw for the first three rounds and mine wasn't much better. The game went to turn 7 with him using his 5-drop Kang to exhaust my 5-drop Wolverine, Secret Avenger three times! :S It was me sitting at 25 and Will at 0 when I passed my attack step without having stunned a single character. He was able to do 22 damage, but it just wasn't enough.

I enjoyed playing my clone deck, and wouldn't mind tweaking it a touch to make it a little better. I'm not quite sure what I would change...maybe you can tell me. Here's what I was playing:
4x MVL-018 Jubilee (1)
4x MEV-137 Elsie-Dee (2)
4x MVL-227 Deadpool (2)
1x MEV-131 Alberta (3)
4x MHG-192 Wolverine, Skrunucklehead (3)
4x MAA-009 Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse (4)
4x MXM-026 Wolverine, The Best at What He Does (5)
1x MUN-031 Wolverine, Secret Avenger (5)
2x MEV-204 Wolverine, Unleashed (6)
2x MUL-032 Wolverine, Bloodlust (7)

1x MUN-328 Uncertain Legacy
2x MUN-307 Grudge Match
3x DCL-257 Duty Calls
4x DCR-174 Crisis on Infinite Earths
4x MTU-204 Poker Night
4x MTU-207 What are Friends For?
4x MVL-045 Healing Factor
4x DCX-026 A Clash of Worlds
4x MEV-259 Muramasa Blade

I had a Fin Fang Foom mat and some MAA cards to give away. Everyone took something home. Thanks for the games fellas.

Our next event will be called Fan-Ban. How this works is simple. Each player that attends the tournament may choose one card (in advance) to declare as BANNED for the night. Send me a message on here by midnight, Thursday, Feb 26th with your choice of a banned card. I will post them on Feb 27th for everyone to see and build decks using our new ban-list.

February 15, 2009

Double-up Friday events

We'll be playing for a second consecutive Friday coming up on February 20th. The change should allow us to avoid several future scheduling conflicts coming up in the next few months. Really what it means to the players is that we get an extra night of card flipping!

The format is something new. Build your deck as usual, but characters in all zones (hand, deck, KO pile, resource row, removed from game zone etc) lose and can not gain team affiliations. The important thing to note here is that they are NOT considered to be unaffiliated either. Any reference to a team affiliation on any card will be considered blank text.

February 13, 2009

Event Report - Army Up!

With the long weekend and sudden cold snap our numbers were pretty low, but we still had an interesting mix of army decks in play tonight. We had some Damn Nazis, Random Punks, Manhunters, Multiple Men, Doom/Sentinels and Purifiers.

After four rounds of play no player had an undefeated record. In the end Roy's Multiple Men took first place, followed by Will's Random Punks and Sebastien's Damn Nazis. Collin's Manhunters were fourth, I took fifth place and Harry rounded out the six.

I think everyone had a good time and I had some of the MEQ cards to give out as prizes, which were well received. The themed deck-building events have been really well received and I intend to continue doing them to keep things as interesting as possible for all.

This was actually the second event I have played my Purifier deck in. It's not ultra competitive, but when it fires it is a lot of fun to play. I don't have a lot of experience with army decks which makes this one all the more interesting to me. It's as finished as it's likely to get, so I might as well post up the list here.
23x MEV-233 The Purifiers (1)
4x MEV-231 Matthew Risman (1)
4x MEV-234 William Stryker (2)
4x MEV-230 Lady Deathstrike (3)
2x MEV-232 Nimrod (4)
2x MEV-229 Bastion (5)

4x DCL-245 Birthing Chamber

Plot Twists:
3x MUN-312 Invasion Plans
4x MUN-321 Rogue Squadron
4x MTU-204 Poker Night
4x MEV-275 X-Babies Attack
4x MEV-272 Graduating Class
4x MEV-235 Purified

For some reason the 66 card total just seemed to be right for this deck. It could be made totally modern by pulling out the Poker Nights, and down to 60 cards by pulling 2 copies of the Purifiers. The extra card draw and reinforcement tricks granted by Poker Night make it that much more effective. I found Purified to be a dead card more often than not, as the times it could be used are infrequent, and highly situational. The deck is pretty easy to play and has some good tricks, if not surprising given the 1/3 mix of Purifiers in it. I won't be dismantling this one anytime soon.

Thanks for coming out to play everyone. We'll be playing again next week, and then returning to our alternating Friday schedule after that.

Oh sweet MEQ, how you tempt me...

With the demise of the support system for Vs. System by UDE, we see the final release get a rather short shrift. The Marvel Equipment (MEQ) prize support set looks amazing. Unfortunately, it also looks as though it will be amazingly difficult to get ones hands on them too. The first batch of prize cards did go out to most tournament locations, with the second and third boxes getting little to no distribution, falling so closely within the discontinuation announcement.

A few places online do seem to have them available but they're not cheap, and aren't likely to get any cheaper. For anyone who likes playing equipment in their decks however, they may be worth the investment. Collectors like me will also be seeking them out. It's too bad that they won't be more readily available, because I think most of them are great looking cards.

For those of you who might never get to hold them in your hands or decks, here's a look at what we missed out on.

February 12, 2009

Marvel Evolutions FAQ

Marvel Evolution Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled by Paul Ross, with contributions from Dave DeLaney, David Harris, and Edwin Teh
Last updated November 26, 2008


1. This set is legal for sanctioned Constructed tournaments from November 26, 2008.

2. Energize

Energize is a keyword power that characters can have. It means: Whenever this character defends, ready it.
• If a character with energize is proposed as a defender, you can use an activated power it has before its energize trigger resolves, then again after it resolves before the combat concludes.

3. Hunter

Hunter is a keyword power that characters can have. It means: When this card enters play, choose an opposing character. That character becomes hunted by you.

• Becoming hunted doesn't do anything by itself, but other cards refer to it.
• There can be any number of hunted characters in play, but only one character can be hunted by each player at a time. As a character becomes hunted by you, all other characters stop being hunted by you. When a hunter enters play, you may choose a character already hunted by you to remain hunted by you.
• A character stays hunted by you:

o until it leaves play, stops being opposed to you, or another character becomes hunted by you;
o even if it becomes stunned or loses its powers;
o whether or not there are any hunters in play.

4. Shift

Shift is a keyword that represents three powers, each of which is italicized below:

Pay 1 or more resource points >>> Remove this card from the game shifted with that many shift counters. Use only if this card is in your hand.

o You must pay at least 1 resource point to use this power.
o A card is “shifted” if it was removed from the game this way (or by any other modifier that explicitly removed it from the game shifted) and has since remained in that RFG zone.
o A shifted card remains shifted even if it doesn't have any shift counters.
o Modifiers that explicitly remove a card from the game shifted can do so whether or not that card has the shift keyword. Such a modifier can remove an opposing card unless otherwise specified, but will remove it to its owner's RFG zone.
o While shifted, a card gains the shift keyword if it doesn't already have it.

Pay 1 resource point >>> Put a shift counter on this card. Use only if this card is shifted.

o Resource points that can be spent “only to recruit” something can't be used to pay for either of the above powers (because they’re not recruiting anything).
o Resource points that can be spent “only to pay the cost of a payment power” can't be used to pay for either of the above powers because references to “payment powers” no longer refer to “hidden” powers underlying keywords (see below).

Remove X shift counters >>> Put this card into play if you control X or more resources, where X is its cost. Use only during your recruit step.

• All three of the above payment effects can't be negated by players.
• A shifted card can't have shift counters in excess of its cost. A non-shifted card can't have any shift counters at all.
• Shifting a card into play (by any means) invokes the uniqueness rule (like substitute).
• References to “payment powers” no longer refer to “hidden” powers underlying keywords (like evasion and shift). For example, neither Batman, Cape and Cowl (Opponents can't use a payment power if it has already been used this turn) nor Scrambler (Opponents who control a stunned character can't use character payment powers.) have any impact on any of the above powers.


Albert, Earth-50211
Character, 3, Exiles, 6/4

Albert also has the name Wolverine.
Whenever Albert becomes stunned, you may remove him from the game shifted with two shift counters.

Albert also has the name Wolverine only while face up in play. A card with multiple names has the "same name" as another card only if both have the same number of names and all match. Since the uniqueness rule applies only to cards with the same name, and cards on the chain can’t have multiple names, cards with multiple names are effectively “immune” to uniqueness. In other words, while he also has the name Wolverine, Albert can never be removed from play by the uniqueness rule.

Aurora, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
Character, 2, Weapon X/Alpha Flight, 2/3, Flight, Range
Whenever you play a plot twist from your hand, you may remove Aurora from the game. If you do, return that plot twist card to your hand.

The plot twist card returns to your hand from the chain; it never reaches your KO'd pile. Its effect stays on the chain and resolves normally.

Bizarro World
Location, 2
Bizarro World is considered to be in all sets.

Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Revenge Squad character cards in your hand have shift. (See bizarroworld.com)

Bizarro World isn’t reprinted in this set. However, its first line means that it’s legal in any tournament where Marvel Evolution is legal (and, in fact, any tournament restricted by set legality).

Breakworld Prophecy
Plot Twist, 1
To play, exhaust a character you control.
Target player replaces a face-up resource he controls that’s not a non-ongoing plot twist.

This card has received errata. The updated text is italicized. That player must replace an applicable resource if one exists.

Caliban, Pestilence
Character, 2, X-Factor/Horsemen of Apocalypse, 2/3, Concealed

While Caliban is shifted with two shift counters, opponents can't draw cards from effects they control. (This doesn't affect the normal draw.)

The “normal draw” effect that causes each player to draw two cards at the start of each turn isn't controlled by any player, and so it’s not affected by this modifier.

The Coming
Plot Twist, 6
Ongoing: KO The Coming >>> If you've played The Black Rider, The Pale Rider, The Red Rider, and The White Rider this game, your next Apocalypse costs 0 to recruit this turn.

If any of the four were negated, they were still played (and you're still stopped from playing any more with the same name).

Cracking the Case
Plot Twist, 2
To play, exhaust an X-Factor character you control.

Negate target effect targeting a character.

This can target power-up and reinforcement game-based effects. In general, an effect targets only if it uses the word, "target."

Danger, The Singularity
Character, 8, 19/19, Flight, Range
Whenever a character you control enters combat, put a +1 / +1 counter on each character you control.

Whenever two or more characters you control team attack, put that many counters on each character you control.

Deadly Ambush
Plot Twist, 1
Play only if you control a Marauders defender.

Each attacker and defender gets -X DEF this attack, where X is its DEF.

Each attacker and defender loses DEF equal to its own DEF.

Plot Twist, 2
While target defender is defending against an X-Force character this attack, that defender gets -3 DEF, and whenever it becomes stunned, KO it unless its controller pays endurance equal to its cost.

This modifier applies only while the target is defending against an X-Force character this attack. The target's controller chooses whether to pay endurance when it becomes stunned (rather than when Deathmatch resolves).

Doopworld, Team-Up
Location, 2
To flip, choose a character you control.

That character gains the affiliations of each other character you control.
[Activate] >>> Turn Doopworld face down. Use only if you control an X-Force or X-Statix character.

While Doopworld stays face up, it continuously updates that character's affiliations as other characters enter and leave your control. Turning Doopworld face down doesn't ready it, but it will ready normally during the next wrap-up.

Five in One
Plot Twist, 3
A deck can have up to five cards named Five in One.
Target Mimic you control gains target character's payment powers this turn.

The target Mimic can't also be the target character.

Gambit, Traitor
Character, 6, Marauders/X-Men, 13/12, Range
Discard a random card >>> Stun target character if it has the same cost as that card. Use only once per turn.

Targets must be chosen before costs are paid.

Havok, Mutant X
Character, 5, X-Factor/X-Men, 10/8, Range

When Havok enters play, characters get -2 ATK this turn.

Havok's modifier applies to all characters this turn, including himself and characters that enter play after him.

Here Comes Tomorrow, Team-Up
Plot Twist, 2
Ongoing: At the start of the combat phase, choose an affiliation among characters you control.
Crossover all affiliations chosen this way.

This crosses over all affiliations chosen by this card's triggered effect since it last turned face up.

Hyperion, Earth-4023
Character, 8, Weapon X/Squadron Supreme, 17/17, Flight, Range
Shift, Invulnerability

While you have no cards in hand, Hyperion can be shifted into play if you control seven or more resources (and he has eight shift counters).

While you have no cards in hand, Hyperion breaks the rule that says you need at least eight resources to shift him into play, and only that rule.

Iceman, Snowman
Character, 1, X-Factor/X-Men, 2/1, Range
Opposing characters that have used activated powers this turn can't ready.

If a stunned Iceman is recovered during the recovery phase, he stops affected characters from readying that turn. Character are affected whether or not Iceman was face up or in play when they used activated powers this turn. A character has used an activated power even if its effect was negated before resolving.

Kid Omega, Quentin Quire
Character, 7, 16/16, Range

While Kid Omega is shifted with five or more shift counters, if an opponent would draw one or more cards from his normal draw, instead, he draws one less card.

The replaced draw can be further replaced by other Kid Omegas.

Lion Among the Lambs
Plot Twist, 3
Play only during the recovery phase.
If you control a non-stunned Mystique, stunned characters can't be recovered or KO'd this turn.

Stunned characters that can't be recovered or KO'd remain stunned in play as a turn ends.

Master Thief
Plot Twist, 3
Play only if you control Gambit.
Search your opponent's deck for a non-character card and remove it from the game. You may play that card this game.

Playing a card from an RFG zone is otherwise identical to playing it from your hand. Resources are built, not played, and so you can't put a card into your resource row this way. Even though you can remove a location, the only card types you can play this way are equipment and plot twist.

Merc with a Mouth
Plot Twist, 2
An opponent chooses one: Recover and ready a Deadpool you control; or you draw two cards.

That opponent can choose the Deadpool option even if you don't control a Deadpool.

Mesmero, Vincent
Character, 2, Weapon X, 2/4, Concealed, Range

While a character hunted by you isn't stunned, opponents can't play plot twists during the combat phase.

If no character is hunted by you, Mesmero's power does nothing..

Miguel O'Hara <> Spider-Man, Earth-6375
Character, 3, Exiles/Spider-Friends, 4/5, Range

Miguel O'Hara also has the name Spider-Man.

[Activate], Remove Miguel O'Hara from the game shifted with two shift counters >>> Exhaust target character with cost 3 or less. Use only during the combat phase.

See Albert.

Mimic, Earth-12 * Infected
Character, 6, Exiles/X-Men, 13/12, Flight, Range

When Mimic enters play, he gains the printed powers and keywords of all opposing characters. Any reference to an affiliation in the gained powers is changed to Exiles.

This card has received errata. The updated text is italicized. Mimic gains the printed keywords and powers of opposing characters (even if they’re stunned) in addition to any he has already. He gains any printed cosmic powers of each opposing character whether or not that character has a cosmic counter, but they will be active only if Mimic somehow gains a cosmic counter. Mimic’s actual printed information doesn't change. Any additional “enters play” powers he gains are gained too late to trigger as he enters play. This modifier lasts for the rest of the game and continuously updates Mimic's powers and keywords as opposing characters enter and leave play.

Mr. Sinister, Molecular Manipulator
Character, 5, Marauders, 9/9, Concealed—Optional

Opposing characters lose and can't have powers and keywords while in combat with Mr. Sinister.

If an affected character loses a power that would have triggered off it entering combat with Mr. Sinister, that power doesn't trigger. If Mr. Sinister attacks an opposing Mr. Sinister, the attackers will lose their powers only if the defending Mr. Sinister has an earlier timestamp than the attacking one.

Mystique, Mutant Messiah
Character, 7, Marauders, 15/17, Range
Whenever a Marauders character you control stuns an opposing character, you may have Mystique gain the printed powers and keywords of that opposing character this turn.

Mystique gains that character's printed keywords and powers this turn in addition to any she has already. She gains any cosmic powers of that character, but they will be active only if Mystique somehow gains a cosmic counter. Mystique’s actual printed information doesn't change.

Mystique, Raven
Character, 1, Marauders/Brotherhood, 1/2, Concealed, Range

Mystique has all character names while in your deck, hand, or KO'd pile.

Mystique has no extra names in play or on the chain, so her power has no impact on uniqueness. It does allow her to power-up any character, but not to be powered-up by any character. Carrying the Torch looks for the name of a character in an RFG zone, where Mystique has no extra names. If you return this Mystique to your hand with Origin Story, you search for a card with the same name she had as she left play ("Mystique"), so you can't search for a copy of this Mystique (because she has all names while in your deck).

Professor X, Mutant Messiah
Character, 1, Starjammers/X-Men, 1/1, Concealed, Range
Whenever an opponent plays a non-ongoing plot twist, return Professor X to his owner's hand. If you do, negate that plot twist's effect.

This triggered power is not optional. If opponents play multiple plot twists in response to each other, only the first that tries to resolve is negated.

The Purifiers, Army
Character, 1, Purifiers, 2/1, Range
Discard a card named The Purifiers >>> Target character gets -2 ATK or -2 DEF this attack.

You need to control at least one character in play with this power in order to use it.

Sabretooth, Earth-295 * War
Character, 6, Weapon X/Horsemen of Apocalypse, 14/12
Shift, Hunter

Characters hunted by you must attack Sabretooth if able.

If a character hunted by you is able to attack Sabretooth, its controller can't attack characters other than Sabretooth with that character, or pass to end his combat phase.

Sabretooth, Wounded Animal
Character, 4, Marauders/X-Men, 11/7, Concealed

Sabretooth can't attack characters with cost 4 or more unless an opponent controls a stunned character.

While an opponent controls a non-stunned, visible character, Sabretooth can't attack that opponent directly (even if Sabretooth can't attack that character).

Shatterstar, Benjamin Russell
Character, 5, X-Force, 10/8

When Shatterstar enters play, characters get -2 DEF this turn.

See Havok.

Siryn, Sonic Scream
Character, 4, X-Factor/X-Men, 7/8, Flight, Range
Whenever a character's activated power is used, target opponent loses 1 endurance.

This power triggers whenever any character's activated power is used by any player. Its effect targets an opponent of Siryn's controller (rather than an opponent of the controller of the character with the activated power).

The Starjammer, Unique
Equipment, 1, Concealed—Optional

Characters you control have flight and range.
While The Starjammer is equipped to a Starjammers character, you can build resources from any KO'd pile.

Building a resource from a KO'd pile is otherwise identical to building one from your hand. Once your opponent has allowed you to choose such a card from a KO'd pile, there's no window to respond to that choice before it's built.

Super Skrull, World Champion
Character, 5, Skrull, 9/9, Flight, Range
Super Skrull has the affiliations of each opposing character.

Discard a card >>> Choose one: Super Skrull has energize, evasion, or invulnerability this turn. Use only once per turn.

[Activate] >>> Choose one: Target player discards a card; target player replaces a face-up resource; or target player loses 3 endurance. Use only during the combat phase.

While Super Skrull is face up in play, his affiliations are continuously updated as opposing characters enter and leave play.

Victor Mancha, Son of Ultron
Character, 3, Runaways, 5/4, Flight, Range
Whenever an opponent loses endurance, you may also have him put that many cards from the top of his deck into his KO'd pile.

If Victor Mancha becomes stunned as part of an event that causes an opponent to lose endurance (like a combat conclusion), his power does not trigger.

Wolverine Squad
Plot Twist, 2
Ongoing: Exiles character cards you control are not unique with cards with the same name but different version.
If a Wolverine you control would become stunned, instead, you may stun another Wolverine you control.

Any time that recruiting character A would cause your character B to leave play via the uniqueness rule, if A and B have different versions, and B has the Exiles affiliation, then B stays in play.

X-Gene Decoded
Plot Twist, 3
To play, exhaust a Mr. Sinister you control.
Reveal the top four cards of an opponent's deck. Remove all revealed non-character cards from the game. Search that deck for all cards with the same name as a card removed this way, then remove them from the game.

You still search and shuffle that deck even if you revealed zero non-character cards.

February 10, 2009

Bizarro World Text

For VS System play at Trilogy Gaming Club you can use ANY of the text that has been given to Bizarro World when building a deck. You must tell your opponent which one you are using and all copies of Bizarro World must use the same text for the duration of the game or tournament being played.
DC Final Crisis
[Activate] >>> Target Revenge Squad character gets +4/+4 while attacking and gains "Flaw: Pay 6 endurance >>> Exhaust this character." this turn. Use only during the build phase.

Marvel Evolution
Bizarro World is considered to be in all sets.
Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Revenge Squad character cards in your hand have shift.

Marvel Universe
Bizarro World is considered to be in all sets.
Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
[Activate] >>> Reveal the top card of your deck and put it into your hand. If it has the word "Bizarro" in its name or game text, continue this process until you put a card into your hand without the word "Bizarro" in its name or game text.

DC Legends
Bizarro World is considered to be in all sets.
Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Characters you control named Bizarro have all character names and identities.

Marvel Legends
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character When you flip Bizarro World, each player chooses a name. Non-Army characters with those names get +2 / +2.

World’s Finest
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Insanity: KO Bizarro World >>> Search target opponent's deck for a card and put it face down into your resource row.

Marvel Team-Up
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
At the start of your recruit step, choose an affiliation. Crossover Revenge Squad and the chosen affiliation this turn.

Legion of Super Heroes
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Activate >>> Reveal the top card of your deck. If it's an ongoing plot twist card, you may replace Bizarro World or a face-down resource you control.

Heralds of Galactus
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
At the start of the combat phase, each player may reveal a character card from his hand and choose one of its affiliations. If he does, that player puts a cosmic counter on a cosmic character with that affiliation.

Infinite Crisis
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Your opponents cannot gain endurance.

Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
At the start of the recovery phase, put a cosmic counter on each non-stunned cosmic character you control.

Justice League of America
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Ally: Whenever a defender you control becomes powered-up,
whenever it stuns an attacker this attack, you may remove that defender and that attacker from the game.

The Avengers
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Discard a card → Switch the ATK and DEF of target attacker or defender you control this attack.

Green Lantern Corps
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
When you flip Bizarro World, exchange the positions of Bizarro World and target ongoing plot twist an opponent controls.

Marvel Knights
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Activate → Target character you control can attack hidden characters this turn.

Superman, Man of Steel
Card Text: Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.
Activate → Stun target character with a DEF of 0.

February 09, 2009

Closeout sales are my friend

Yesterday Scott and I made a quick trip up to Red Deer, having heard that Bob & Dave's was going out of business. We were able to get a really nice batch of sealed packs, collectors boxes and a few mats for a very decent price. We split the batch up almost straight down the middle; Scott taking the Marvel stuff and I taking the DC cards.

I think I ended up with something like:

- 18 packs of DOR
- 23 packs of DSM
- 3 packs of DJL plus a collector's box
- 1 Hellboy set
- DCR collector's box
- 39 packs of DLS
- 12 packs of DWF
- 11 packs of DCL

Having next to no self control, I cracked almost everything last night and sorted through it. I was hoping for at least one more copy of Mobilize to give me a playset from Legion, but out of nearly two boxes, I was unsuccessful :( However, we got a great deal and I ended up with a lot of great new cards for my collection. Thanks for inviting me out for the trip Scott! :)

I'll be putting together a box of all my extras as soon as I can along with my now-very-short want list. I'll be happy to make trades with anyone who needs stuff I have and look forward to seeing what kind of decks are going to come out post-cancellation. I'm still excited about this game and can't wait to play in the upcoming army event!

February 04, 2009

Proposal: MEV-134 Blink 3-cost errata

If you've read some of my post-MEV articles, or listened to my appearance on The Ring Has Chosen...you'll know that I think Exiles is incredibly broken. The biggest key culprit to the problem is Blink, Earth-295 - Clarice Ferguson. She reads:

When Blink enters play, put a shift counter on each shifted card you own.

Think about that for a second. Enters play. With some of the other great shift effects that are available to Exiles I think Blink's text is far far too powerful. The possibilities for abusive counter generation is far beyond what is healthy or fun for anyone playing against the Exiles deck and I think it needs to be changed.

My proposal for an errata is a simple one. I think it should read:

When Blink you recruit Blink, put a shift counter on each shifted card you own.

Now I don't think that this will completely stop Exiles from being one of the most powerful decks in the game, but I do think that it slows it down enough that it might be beatable. I'm going to leave this up for debate among the players for a few weeks, and then decide whether or not to make this a ruling for our hobby league or not. Please weigh in with your thoughts on the subject folks!

February 03, 2009

Vs. System is not dead

At least, not to me it isn't. Over the past year and a half since I've been running our local hobby league, I've met some great people and made some even better friends. Having spoken with a few of them, I know that the game won't die for us. Granted, some players will move on to other games, or just stop playing as their interest shifts to other things. That's natural and happens in all facets of life.

As for me, I plan to continue collecting cards, finish my sets, and build decks for as long as I can find people to play against. We'll run events for as long as players want to join in them, and I'll do my best to continue providing prizes for as long as possible.

Vs System is a great game, and I'm going to keep playing. So should you.