February 08, 2018

Star Trek Adventures - Voyages of the USS Black Sail

WARNING: If you intend to play adventures from "These Are the Voyages Vol. 1" stop reading now!

Back in the summer of 2017 preorders were announced for a new roleplaying game series called Star Trek Adventures, to be published by Modiphius. At the time I'd been playing with a regular group in a Dresden Files campaign and had just begun running my first Mutants and Masterminds 3E campaign as well. So when the Star Trek game was announced I was all over it and placed my order.

The materials showed up in early September but I didn't have a chance to actually play until a few weeks ago, shortly after the release of the free quickstart rules.  After some posting around on Meetup, I found a group willing to give things a go.

I ran the quickstart scenario for a group of 5 players and we had a great time. The rules definitely need a few reads through by whoever will be running the game as the task resolution, combat and the various actions available to the characters cover a lot of ground. Having done that, I was able to give everyone a quick run-down of their character sheets, do a couple examples of Task resolution, melee and ranged combat and get playing in about an hour. We were able to play the scenario in about 2 hours once we got started, but it certainly could have run longer if the players had done a little more exploring. They enjoyed the game enough that we put together a ship and crew of our own the following week.

NCC-4215, The USS Black Sail (Excelsior Class)

The USS Black Sail has been launched on her 5-year mission from Starbase 4 to an uncharted system in response to a pre-Federation distress call. On the surface the away team discovers wreckage of Romulan origin and rescue a lone human survivor. Although under the influence of a psychotropic growth on the planet's surface, it's discovered that he's the Armory Officer from the Starship Atlantis. The Atlantis was an NX-class vessel that served in the Earth-Romulan War and was presumed destroyed in the conflict...over 100 years ago!