November 25, 2014

Exiles "Power Legion" Profiles

I've been away for a while, but following on from my Exiles repaints last month I thought I might as well share the Power Legion profiles that I put together for those characters. Keep in mind that I haven't tested these in actual game play yet, so they might not be very balanced.

If you do try any of the character profiles please let me know how they work out for you. I'm certainly open to hearing your feedback.

Blink (502 pts)
M: d6 A: d8 S: d4 K: d6

Lethal HTH Attack d6
Martial Arts d8
Ranged Damage d8
Teleport d8
(Trick: Instead of rolling damage after hitting with a ranged attack, teleport the target instead.
 Trick: Teleport an adjacent, willing friend.
 For both tricks, the passenger must make a Knockout roll vs. D8 or be Stunned.)

King Hyperion (1292 pts)
M: d8 A: d10 S: d12 K: d12

Armor d12
Flight d12
Ranged Damage d12
Superspeed d12
X-Ray Vision d12

Morph (415 pts)
M: d4 A: d12 S: d4 K: d8

Difficult Target
Entangle d6
Stretching d6

Nocturne (408 pts)
M: d4 A: d10 S: d4 K: d6

Clinging d6
Night Vision
Ranged Damage d6
Telepathy d6 (Limited Power: Only works within 1x Short)

Sasquatch (524 pts)
M: d8 A: d10 S: d12 K: d10

Armor d8 (Knockout +4)
Lethal HTH Attack d8
Superleap d8

Spider-Man 2099 (684 pts)
M: d8 A: d10 S: d10 K: d10

Clinging d12
Entangle d12
Night Vision
Poison d8
Swinglines d10

I haven't made a profile for Mimic, but there are few ways you could make him:

  1. Start him off with all the powers you want him to have - He's often shown with claws, eye beams, armour and a few others.
  2. Give him the ability to copy 5 different powers - this would be more accurate, but he'd have to spend most of the game running around trying to acquire powers in the game.
  3. A mix of 1 and 2 - Maybe you give him the three powers in point 1, and allow him to absorb two other powers in game.