August 09, 2017

Strange Aeons Goes 'Supernatural'

It's been a long time since I painted any figures for Uncle Mike's skirmish game Strange Aeons. I've had most of the models from their second edition Kickstarter sitting in a drawer, based and primed, awaiting paint jobs.

Flipping through Netflix the other day I realized I was several years behind on the tv series Supernatural, which I believe is going into its thirteenth season! That same week I found a 1:43 scale Impala to use, so I simply had to dig out the 'Remington' brothers and slap some paint on them while I was watching the show.

Sadly one of the mirrors fell off the car right after this photo was taken.

The last few games I played were using the solo deck with my ever-evolving Threshold list, but I quickly stat-ed up a new list for the boys and we got in a game for them against my very unlucky Lurkers (a cult leader, some cultists and a witch who fooled everyone into thinking she was hot and innocent). Although a little odd, I decided to make Castiel the boss, taking Fearless as his free skill. Sam got Reads Languages and Dean took Duck.

Despite the heroes seizing victory in the game Sam ended up with a case of agoraphobia, while Castiel and Dean garnered advances; Tough and Heroic respectively.

August 06, 2017

BMG Game & Demo Day, Aug 6, 2017

I had an excellent turnout for the game & demo day for the Batman Miniature Game at Eastridge Sports Cards & Games today. The demo table was busy showcasing the game at 200 reputation, with AC Batman and Robin up against Killing Joke Joker, Classic Harley Quinn and Turk. The Bat-crew took narrow victories in each game.

200 Rep demo table

On the large table an awesome 4-player battle royale took place. Several of my local players pit some fantastic looking crews against one another, fighting for supremacy over my new Gotham Carnival board layout. Two Joker crews (one led by AK Harley, another by SS Joker) faced off against LexCorp and the Bat-Family. At the end of the day the heroes took the win with a meagre 8VP.

Check out the photos below to get in on some of the action.

Don't forget that I'll be running our upcoming fall tournament on September 2nd, 2017. Click here for event details and to register.