May 28, 2017

TV Heroes for BMG

It's been months since I posted anything here...but I haven't been entirely idle in terms of hobby time. Here's some stuff I painted in Dec 2016 and throughout the first third of 2017

TV Arrow came with two different heads. I opted for the version with his hood down for two reasons. The first was that I wanted to use the hooded head for Arsenal / Speedy. I really dislike the baseball cap on him, so he got Arrow's hooded head. The second was that this version of Green Arrow was going to be almost entirely one colour, so having the hood down and some blonde hair on the top would help focus attention on his face amidst all that green.

Next up was Spartan / John Diggle. Although I haven't read much in the way of Green Arrow comics, I'm fairly sure Diggle was created specifically for the TV series. This model also comes with two heads; one with a helmet and one without. I couldn't help thinking that his mask looks a lot like the one Magneto wears in the comics, so I opted for the other one. He's a little boring in terms of colour palette, but I was going for something like what he wears on TV.

Black Canary isn't amongst my favourite DC characters, and the pose on this figure is dynamic yet uninspired I think. However, I enjoy using her in-game and wanted Green Arrow to have his wife along for the ride from time to time. I found that the fishnet detail on my cast was hit and miss which made it difficult to pick out in some areas. She's not my best painted figure, but is acceptable for gaming with.

Of course we can't leave out Barry Allen. My other half loves the Flash TV and I confess that I'm right there along with her. I don't feel like the model captures the character from the show nearly as well as Arrow or Spartan, although I don't know why exactly I feel so. The details on this figure were quite shallow, and the symbol in particular was very difficult to paint.

My copy of the expansion book came with the exclusive Black Flash figure as well. I didn't like the zombie look he had so I tried covering over the mouth to look more like Zoom from the Flash TV series. When I was painting him I felt that the all black colour scheme just didn't read well in miniature form so I added some silver to the costume and tried painting the inside of the symbol white. It works well enough and looks good, but due to the way the Speed Force rules work I despair that this figure might never actually see time on the table top.

Finally I'll leave you with a few group shots on my less-than-ideally-lit boring white backdrop!