December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It's been an interesting year. Everyone seems to be a little busier with family, work, home building and in general life taking its course. Our gaming group has gotten a little smaller over the course of the year too, which is naturally a little disappointing. As games are a form of entertainment they are usually among the first activities to get hit when schedules or budgets get a little tight. Of course, the Christmas season these kinds of changes are even more pronounced. There are family obligations, work deadlines, company parties, shopping to be done and all that other fun (and sometimes exhausting) stuff needs to get done.

As for my gaming habits, they have changed a little bit too. I've tried some great new games this year! Ascension, Warlord, Touch of Evil, EVE Second Genesis and yes, even Magic the Gathering have all been added to my realm of interests. A few games haven't gotten the attention I'd like, most notably being Call of Cthulhu.

We did try running a CoC league for a few months and while the game was generally well received, I just couldn't seem to draw in players for the long term. I still love the game and support it as best I can, but finding people to play and time to play is always a challenge.

For VS System our group is still going, and hope to make the Marvel Factions set legal for play early in January. It's a fantastic game with a ton of depth and a wealth of cards. The players (and I too) still love it and I'll keep organizing tournaments until I'm the only person showing up for them.

With Warlord, I'm officially a Knight of the Ordo as of early December. All that really means is that I've made a donation to the company that produces the game. Phoenix Interactive is a very small company and they work very hard to keep Warlord around. In addition to my newly-minted knighthood I'll be doing some demos of Warlord and hopefully putting together a small game night ever other week, complete with prize support.

So whether you've been able to get out for a game, or plan to recently...this is me wishing everyone who drops by my blog a happy winter holiday, whatever that may be to you!

December 02, 2010

Warlord on the way

I was recently able to get things underway for obtaining prize support for Warlord. The original idea for running tournaments was once a month to garner interest and get some players comfortable with the game. The tournament day would likely be Friday evenings, but that will be finalized before the end of the year.

For anyone interested in obtaining some Warlord cards to play with, they are having a great sale right now over on the US Store.

With the move of our VS tournaments to Thursday nights, that opens up some opportunity for a few Friday nights to be used in a more open-gaming type of format. I'll be happy to provide decks for players interested not only in Warlord, but Call of Cthulhu, EVE and Warhmammer Invasion. And don't forget...Trilogy is once again hosting Friday Night Magic as well!

More details forthcoming!