May 26, 2016

Marvel Universe Miniatures Game - Avengers Painted

Shortly before the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game was released by Knight Models I picked up several single pack figures at a slight discount. The game dropped shortly after, but has so far seemed difficult to acquire in Canada. I'm hoping once I get out an do a few demos it will pick up locally like the Batman game has started to do.

This is the original model for Black Widow, which I prefer greatly over the highly sexualized one that comes in the Avengers starter box. Don't get me wrong, she's a sexy character but I think the new sculpt is a little over the top. She was the first Marvel figure I painted. It a pretty easy paint job and I think she turned out well.

This figure proved more difficult to paint than I expected. It's a great looking pose, but I wish the details on the shield were a little deeper. I'm not the greatest when it comes to steady detail work, so found doing the stripes on the shield highly frustrating. A wash or two would usually bring out the lines on something like this, but they're shallow enough that it didn't seem to work this time. I had a similar problem with the 'A' on his helmet, as I simply don't have the brush control skills to really put the paint where it needed to be.

Thor was actually the second Marvel figure I finished and was surprisingly easy to do. I tried creating a blue glaze for the first time, to give the illusion of some of the light coming from his hammer. I don't think it was entirely successful, but it'll do.

Another experiment here. I've done a similar technique as you see on the red here; a black base coat, gun metal dry brush followed by a few coats of Tamiya clear red. I used the clear yellow here too, and followed with a few washes of GW Sepia. To dull down the gloss I painted two highlights on the yellow and one in red. The eyes and other glowing bits were done with white, some P3 Trollblood highlight mixed w/ white, and several coats of the same glaze I used on Thor.

When I was taking the photos I realized how much of a mess I made on the face plate, so he'll be getting some touchups before I use him in a game. If I don't do it now I never will, and I hate having models with little mistakes like this on the sort of drives me crazy.

Once that's fixed I'll be happy with these, and want to paint up Wolverine and Deadpool soon, I'm hoping to pick up a Black Panther, Vision and Hawkeye this summer to round out the team, although that'll likely be a few months down the road. Once Groot shows up in my mailbox I'll be doing up the Guardians next I think!

May 10, 2016

Going Green in BMG

Ok I'll confess right up front that I know next to nothing about the character of Swamp Thing, and am unclear as to why he would align himself with Poison Ivy or Batman at all. However, when I saw the miniature I was really impressed, and when I painted it earlier this month I was truly in love.

This figure is superbly sculpted and very well cast. As with any model this size and number of pieces there was some gap filling required, but it was super easy to blend in and I dare anyone to point it out on my painted figure.

This figure almost painted itself. I think total it took me less than 3 hours and was a lot of fun experimenting with different shades of greens, browns and yellows.

May 01, 2016

Three More SuperFigs Complete

During my April painting frenzy I finished up a few more of the SuperFigs models that have been sitting around waiting for colours. According to the profiles available for SuperSystem, first two are members of the "Crusaders of Crime"; Dark Templar and Black Claw.

After I painted Dark Templar I realized that he's almost a perfect looking figure to use for The Master, to lead my Omega Flight team. I considered repainting him without the gold and adding a little more red, but opted against it. Most people aren't familiar enough with the character to really know the difference, so he'll do just fine as is.

Black Claw was going to get a bit of glow effect on his left hand but I messed it up and just went back over it with the previous colours. I like the dark outline on his eyes, which feel like they make him look a little more eeeeevil.

Finally I finished up the massive-for-no-reason Stalker. There is nothing in the character profile that would explain his size. Like a lot of the other SuperFigs I had to trim down the integral base on him a lot. With Stalker I wanted to try a few colours that I don't usually use and think it turned out nicely.

The jumpsuit is P3 Ironhull Grey, the cape is GW Hawk Turquoise, the gloves are P3 Cygnar Blue Base and there are a few touches of P3 Murderous Magenta in there too. I used some AP Dark Tone as a wash. After that I went back in with the base colours, and finished it off by highlighting the cape with some P3 Trollblood base.