April 27, 2010

Breaking My Own Rules...

Last week was a Modern Age event that I played an illegal deck at. At least in the first game I did anyway. I had it in my head that it was built entirely from DCU cards, but in fact I had built it for the BYOTT (Bring Your Own Two Teams) event a few weeks back. As such, it had cards from DGL and DCR in addition to DCU. Roy had no problem with me playing it, but as the organizer of these things I really should have been paying more attention!

For the second and third games I promptly switched to my Doom Patrol deck. It's apparently the only Modern Age legal deck that I have at the moment, which I really should change soon. I've been neglecting my deck building lately, and in fact feel like I haven't even had much of a chance to play in the past few months. I'll be missing the Golden Age event that finishes off April as well, but after that I certainly hope to not miss any more for quite some time!

The schedule for May's events are now up as well. Just in case anyone's forgotten, the Clone format is very simple. Characters you control with the same name and a different version are not considered unique. So for example you could recruit a Batman, Shadow of the Bat when you already had Batman, Founding Member in play, but you could not recruit another Batman, Founding Member. Banned cards are still in effect as usual.

April 16, 2010

Godspeed Peter

Ok this will seem a little random for most of you...since I usually keep my stuff here related to gaming and whatnot. Here's the story.

Something sorta freaky happened recently. There’s a band I have liked since high school called Type O Negative. I hadn’t given them much thought for a few months (they haven’t put anything out since 2007), but during lunch on Wednesday I brought them up in conversation…saying that I wanted to see if they were working on anything new.

So, when I got home and was doing some work in the evening I flipped open the Type O Negative website and saw that two of the band members had a new band called Seventh Void. I opened youtube to see if I could find a tune. I did…and one of the comments said “RIP Peter”. Peter Steele is…or rather was the lead singer for Type O. He died Wednesday. It was confirmed by the band on Thursday morning. The time of day we were having lunch was within an hour of the likely time Peter would have passed away.

I've come to believe over the past decade or so of my life that energy creates thoughts and feelings, and vice versa…so I don’t believe my thought about the band (which essentially IS Peter Steele) was random. Somewhere in the great energies that create our reality I caught a ripple of something...

I'm sure that Peter's bandmates, friends, family and fans will all feel the loss in some way. For myself, I'll simply wish him well on his next journey and say thanks for the music!

April 06, 2010

An Update

Greetings all...

I've been a little lax on the updates lately. I have no excuses, so I'll not offer any. Last week we had four players join in for the Infinite Crisis sealed event. I opted to sit this one out, as I'd have made it an odd number and I didn't want someone else having to sit out for byes each round. Will took top spot and I owe his two copies of one of his prize cards, because I apparently couldn't count past four when I added them to the pool. Oh well, he'll get them this coming Friday.

I had also been meaning to post up a deck list for my BYOTTs deck from a few weeks back. I don't have it handy with me, but I had chosen Anti-Matter and JSA. I was able to build a deck using about 50 cards from DCU, with a few Anti-Matter supplements from DGL. It was fun to play, and a lot of the Anti-Matter characters I had were also Manhunter which proved pretty interesting. I actually intend to keep the deck around and refine it some more...likely dropping the JSA characters in favor of Manhunters / Anti-Matter.

There have also been a few questions about what I meant by "Restricted BYOS". BYOS means: Bring Your Own Set - so all the cards you play in your deck must come from the same set. By restricted I mean that there are a few sets that will not be legal, in order to keep things a little more fun. So, all sets are legal for the event except Evolutions (MEV), Marvel Legends (MVL), DC Legends (DCL) and Marvel Universe (MUN).

Don't worry, you'll get your chance to play all your abusive and nasty goodness at the end of the month in the Golden Age open event!