May 17, 2006

I kinda sorta like Thursdays

I likely won't be posting much during the week because there isn't much to tell. Monday thru Friday I work 12-9. Wednesdays and Fridays I commute to work on the local train, which adds approximately 3.5 hours to my day. BUT! On Thursdays my schedule is a schmoov 2 classes, one kids class at 5pm and my brightest highschool student at 7pm. One nice thing about my job is that when I'm not teaching, preparing lessons or doing paperwork I'm not supposed to be in the school.

So on Thursday I roll in to school, punch in, chat with the manager to see what needs to be done (if anything), prep my classes if I need to and then LEAVE. That's right, I only work for about two hours on Thursdays. I usually just hang out at home or do my errands like going to the post office and buying groceries, washing the dishes and doing the laundry. Not the most fun I admit, but it sure beats working.

Today I already did all my errands and thought I'd post a picture of my uber-tiny living space. With that I give you...Chuck's apartment!There's a bed and TV on the left side. If you walked backwards you'd end up in the 'kitchen' which is smaller than most of your closets. The bathroom is over there too, and is small enough that I can turn in a circle and touch the walls with my arms bent. It's not so bad as it sounds, but it IS small. Right now I'm sitting at that table typing this thingy up. After that, I'm going to waste another two hours before going back to work! >:D


Lalena said...

Just cause your place is small doesn't mean your photo has to be. ;)

Tya-ruzu said...

The only camera I have that I can get digital photos from is my cell phone. They get shrunk down really small when I email them.