April 09, 2009

The Coming of Galactus FAQ

The Coming of Galactus Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled by Paul Ross, with contributions from Dave DeLaney, David Harris, and Edwin Teh
Last updated November 16, 2007

1. Applicable cards in this set are legal for sanctioned Constructed tournaments upon release.

All cards are legal for sanctioned Constructed tournaments except Planets and the Galactus avatar.

2. Epic plot twists

Plot twists with version Epic can’t be negated.

3. Opposing and friendly

Opposing cards or effects are those controlled by one of your opponents. Friendly cards or effects are those controlled by you or a friendly (non-opposing) player.

4. Worldeater locations

The Worldeater locations were printed with their names and versions reversed. All should have version Worldeater. As a result:

• Flipping an exact copy of a Worldeater you already control will invoke the uniqueness rule.
• Flipping a Worldeater when you control a Worldeater with a different name will not.

5. Giant-Size VS FAQs

A summary of the Giant-Size VS rulebook can be found here:


5.1 Alternate win conditions

The only way for the Alliance to defeat Galactus is to reduce his endurance to 0. If a card says that an Alliance player loses the game, only that player is removed from the game.

5.2 Characters controlled by the Galactus player

Characters controlled by the Galactus player can team attack, reinforce, and be reinforced as though they had all affiliations.

5.3 “As the turn ends” objectives

These objectives are checked at the same time as all other objectives, as the first part of the wrap-up each turn (before checking endurance totals or recovering and readying characters, even though this is technically earlier than “as the turn ends”).


Call in a Favor
Plot Twist, 3
Each player may discard a card. If he does, he may search his deck for a character card that shares an affiliation with that card, reveal it, and put it into his hand.

Starting with the primary player, each player chooses whether or not to discard, and then all cards are discarded simultaneously. Next, each player that discarded searches his or her deck for an applicable card, and then all of those cards are revealed simultaneously.

Dr. Doom, Power-Hungry
Character, 5, 10/8
While Dr. Doom is in combat, whenever an opponent plays a plot twist, you may turn target plot twist in your resource row face down.

You may only target a plot twist that is face up as this power triggers. You can't target a face-down resource, play it in response, and then turn it face down as this effect resolves.

Firelord, Herald
Character, 7, 16/16
When Firelord becomes stunned, reveal the top card of your deck. Replace up to X face-up resources, where X is that card's cost.

This effect doesn't target any resources; you choose which to replace as it resolves (after which it's too late for any player to respond by doing anything to the chosen resources). You may choose resources controlled by other players.

High Evolutionary, Intellectual Giant
Character, 2, 3/3
At the start of the build phase, each player draws a card.

These cards are drawn before any resources are built.

Human Torch, Fiery Friend
Character, 6, 14/10
Pay X+X ATK this turn >>> Stun target character with DEF X or less. Use only during the combat phase and only if Human Torch has not been in combat this turn.

You may pay an even amount of Human Torch's ATK (including zero) to stun a target character with DEF less than or equal to half that amount. You may do so multiple times each combat phase as long as Human Torch doesn't enter combat or run out of ATK.

Plot Twist, 2
Ongoing: Characters you control can team attack protected characters.

Characters you control don't have flight, even though they can team attack as though they had it. Characters you control still can't attack hidden characters, attack from your support row without range, and so on.

Kingpin, Overboss
Character, 5, 9/10
Leader: If Kingpin would become stunned, instead, you may stun an adjacent character.

If Kingpin is defending, breakthrough is still calculated based on Kingpin's DEF and whether or not Kingpin was reinforced.

Mr. Fantastic, Flexible Thinker
Character, 3, 4/4
While Mr. Fantastic is in combat with an opposing character with cost 2 or less, he gets -4 / +4.
While Mr. Fantastic is in combat with an opposing character with cost 4 or more, he gets +4 / -4.

Mr. Fantastic can only get each bonus once, regardless of how many low-cost or high-cost characters are in combat with him. While being team attacked by both, he gets both bonuses, and they cancel each other out.

Plot Twist, 5
Play only during the build phase.

Choose a card name.

Ongoing: Plot twists with the chosen name can't be played, and the payment powers of cards with that name can't be used.

You can choose the name of a non–plot-twist card. The named card doesn't have to be in play.

Silver Surfer, Herald
Character, 11, 35/35
You can't lose endurance.

While you control a non-stunned Silver Surfer, your endurance total can’t become lower for any reason. As a result, you can’t lose or pay endurance, or have your endurance total set to a lower number either directly or through switching totals with a player with less endurance. You don't take stun endurance loss as Silver Surfer himself becomes stunned.

Silver Surfer's Board
Equipment, 0
Equip only to Silver Surfer.

Exhaust Silver Surfer's Board >>> Put a cosmic counter on a cosmic character you control. You may move equipped character to your hidden or visible area.

This is the first equipment that exhausts itself. It doesn't exhaust as the equipped character exhausts.

Siphon Energy
Plot Twist, 6
Choose a non-ongoing plot twist in any resource row not named Siphon Energy. You may play it.

Siphon Energy has received errata. The italic text above updates the printed card text.

Playing the chosen plot twist works much like playing it from your own resource row, except you don't need to turn it face up in the process. You control the effect, so its threshold cost is compared to the number of resources you control rather than the number of resources in its resource row.

Stardust, Herald
Character, 10, 27/27
When Stardust enters play, target opponent chooses a player friendly to him. The chosen player KO's all characters he controls.

That opponent can choose him or herself (and must do so if there are no other friendly players).

Strategic Thinking
Plot Twist, 2
Whenever a character enters play this turn, put a +1 / +1 counter on it.

After Strategic Thinking resolves, it triggers off any character controlled by any player entering play this turn. If two copies of Strategic Thinking are played on the same turn, such a character receives two counters, and so on.

At the start of the combat phase, the Alliance chooses an Alliance player. Galactus can attack only that player and characters he controls this turn.

This planet takes precedence over the Giant-Size VS rule that the Galactus player can’t attack directly unless no Alliance player controls a non-stunned, visible character. If the chosen player doesn’t control any non-stunned, visible characters, that player can be attacked directly.


Anonymous said...

I have a question about the 'Siphon Energy' plot twist.
I was wondering whether it means face-up or face-down plot twists or both. If it means face-down, then can the player of 'Siphon Energy' look at every non-ongoing plot twist in every players resource row? Please elaborate for me.

Obsidian3D said...

You can only target a face-up, non-ongoing plot twist. Siphon Energy does not allow you to look at any face-down resources.