July 04, 2006

Most unimaginative title ever...

Hey they can't all be witty...

Another party-packed weekend. I seem to be collecting those too recently. Three parties in two days if you want an accurate count. Saturday I woke up WAY earlier than planned (ie: 6:45 AM!). Not having anything planned until about 13 hours later you can imagine my frustration at not being able to go back to sleep after that.

The day was rather rainy and dreary but I slogged through the drizzle to achieve my entire list of "to-do". There is something to be said about persistence I guess. Hey I even managed to clean up my apartment a bit. Not that that's really anything to brag about but I digress.

I headed down to the pub for the Canada Day party I'd set up with a few other displaced Canucks. Naturally I was the first one there even though I was late. Seems stomach flu, girlfriend implosions and laziness disuaded my three countrymen and -women from attending. That left me to entertain the 12+ Japanese folks that showed up. So, we hung up my 6" Canadian flag at the end of the bar, drank, talked and enjoyed ourselves with Canadian stickers and temporary tattoos like the one sported by Masa here (the owner of the bar).

Luckily I came prepared with a few dozen scraps of Canadian trivia and assorted baubles and trinkets to give away. Everyone seemed to have a good time except the few British guys I knew who came in late to watch their team lose in the World Cup. Oh well! The trivia and chatting went over well and apparently I'm going to learn how to ride a jet-ski at the end of the month. So, uh...hooray for Canada Day parties!

Sunday I had to do two farewell parties for my co-worker in Tsuruga. His last day at work was Friday, so we had to have a party for the kids (lots of kid students at that school), and one for the grown-ups / people-who-don't-like-kids later. It was a good day but TIRING. I'll be sad to see him go, but I am pretty sure we'll keep in touch.

This entry is a little dry I'm sure, but I'm tired. Complain in the comments or write me email. Of course I'll ignore all the complaints anyway, but do whatever works for ya. :P


Virge said...

Well dude, sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with you, but Happy Canada Day anyway!

Now that Canada Day has come and gone here in cowtown, we all now get to look forward the the 10 day trainwreck-party from hell that is Stampede. It starts this weekend, but already the city is covered in Stampede goodness. And many, many, MANY hot girls in tight cowgirl clothing. It truly is a hard life we live here! I'm now going to go have a cold shower before my head explodes.

Tya-ruzu said...

I can't say the cowgirl / western style does anything for me, but I'm all for hot girls in tight clothing. :)

Blackarachnia said...

England lost!?! WTF!

Blackarachnia said...

Seriously, party animal are you turning into? You better get home before you turn completely into a college student :p

Alright, event sounds like you did your best to make the most of it and came out content in the end. What is wrong with that?