August 06, 2008

Long weekend of gaming

The first weekend of August is a holiday around here, which means more time for gaming! Actually it meant more time for a lot of things, and I had a packed weekend schedule. First up was the Weird Al concert on Friday night. I think this one makes four times that I've seen him live. The seats were really good and while he was walking around during one of the songs he stopped about three seats away. The guy in the row in front of us got a great shot of it on his iPhone too!

Saturday was a barbecue, then off to play some Heroclix. I started playing last spring, and had been playing almost weekly up until about two months ago, but haven't really been enjoying the game as much as I used to. I think part of it is the quality of the current set. The dials are really strong overall, but the figure sculpts and paintjobs are really awful. I think the other part of it is the competitiveness of the other tournament players. I enjoy winning too, but don't really care about it as much as a lot of other seem to. I'd rather play something with a theme going, rather than a bunch of random guys who will kick your butt in two rounds. Of course, I also have a hell of a time rolling dice, which likely doesn't help my enjoyment on some occasions.

But on Sunday and Monday (and Tuesday!), we had a lot a VS action going around here! I wasn't able to make it to the Bring Your Own Team event, due the concert I mentioned above, so I was really itching to play some cards. Zack and I were tied for second place in the Heroclix event, and decided to play a game of VS for the prize. Since I didn't have any decks with me I opted to play one of Roy's: and insanity deck. I didn't do very well against a Golden Age Titans build. Playing someone else's deck against a well-honed machine like that just isn't a good idea. Luckily I didn't really want the prize, and was able to get a taste of how insanity works without having to go to all the trouble of building it myself.

Monday a few of the guys game by for a barbecue, some beer and of course...some VS! Jason, Roy and I played a few three player games that were very close, and I was able to pull out a win with my Infinity Watch / Fearsome Five on the seventh round. Will came by later and we played several more two player games amongst whoever was up for a game. Sage and Bad Press make for a very nasty lock-out combination!

And finally, today I was able to play a few games against Collin after getting home from the gym. He also had to miss out on Friday's tournament and had a few decks he wanted to try out a little more. I was able to run several of my demo decks up against him. I think I only won one of the four games we played, but all the decks I had built performed very admirably...especially considering they're built entirely of commons. I think the most exciting time of when we played was during a matchup of my Brotherhood deck against Collin's Outsiders. He had the initiative on turn 4 with Dick Grayson, Grace and Indigo on the board facing down my puny Destiny and Toad. I had a fistful of plot twists though and was able to stun all of his characters back with only my 1 and 2 drops! As you might guess however, I lost the game due to my poor recruiting, but it was great fun nonetheless.

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Roy said...

good times! thanks again for hosting!