August 26, 2009

VS System Hobby League Changes

Well we've had an awesome resurgence in tournament numbers as summer draws to a close. The previous two tournaments have had 7 or more players in attendance, which is really great to see again.

I've been a little behind on the tournament updates, so this will be short. Our most recent tournament was a switch-deck event decided on by Jordan. He won the first event in August with his villainous Thunderbolts deck. Well done.

In the switch-deck event we had time for three rounds of play in which we chose two first places: one for the player with the best record, and one for the deck with the best record. As a final round the top player and creator of the top deck played it out for the final bragging rights.

The top performing deck of the night was Roy's Weapon X. The top player of the night was none other than your truly, posting a 3-0 record. That put my League of Assassins deck up against Deadpool and his cronies. It was a close game right up through turn 5, but Roy took a powerful lead through turn 6. I was able to draw my 7-drop character, but without having a way to attack his hidden Mesmero I was sufficiently hand-cuffed and was forced to admit defeat. Congratulations to Roy in yet another victory!

Back to the title of the article, the players in the hobby group have decided to make some changes to the prizing structure. For the past two years we've been playing in free tournaments with prizes and t-shirts from the UDE hobby league kits, provided by Trilogy Gaming Club and myself. With those supplies coming to an end, a new prizing structure needed to be determined. So here it is:

Each player will now pay an entry fee of $2 per tournament.

Wait, now I have to pay to play VS? Well, yes. But the reason is simple. With the money we collect from the attendees, and liberally supplemented by me, I will provide a comic-themed t-shirt as a top prize once per month. The regular prizes of booster packs will still be provided as well.


Roy said...

Looking forward to the tourney on Friday! I hope everyone can make it cause I got enough cards for 10 people.

BTW, I started a new blog that reviews comics, video games, etc. I'll also be posting VS deck builds.

check it out...

Obsidian3D said...

Awesome...more nerdity!