November 02, 2009

Marvel Legends Draft Report

We had a smaller turn out than I expected, but travel plans, wives and colds kept some of our regular players away. The six of us who were able to make it out each grabbed our three packs and the draft was on!

I set up two pods of three players to draft, but in retrospect I think that we should have all drafted together. Since draft is a format we don't play all that often I hadn't really thought about the team availability being a little easier in groups of three, but it didn't seem to affect things adversely...just something to note for next time.

Harry, Vern and Scott made up pod 1, Dustin, William and I made up pod 2. In my first pack I noticed a large number of Marvel Knights cards and started filling out my curve early on. A lot of the more team-specific cards were coming back to me, so I started grabbing them. After all three packs were done I had ended up with an almost complete MK build, only using two Doom characters and an X-Men 6-drop to round things out. It was also a mini Punisher legend deck, as I had been able to grab two copies of the 2-drop, one of the 4-drop AND a copy of the 7-drop Angel of Death, all to go along with some Desert Eagles, an M-60 and a copy of Sniper Shot.

In the first game William had relatively poor draw against me, but was able to make it a very close game into turn seven. I had to pay a fair amount of endurance to survive with cards like White Dragon, and after the dust cleared I was only barely able to pull out a TWO endurance!

Game two saw me up against Harry, who was also playing an MK-heavy deck. He started burning me early with some Random Punks and had me pretty scared when he dropped his 3-cost Juggernaut down. I wasn't able to play a visible character until turn five, and opted to play Iron Fist over Vengeance due to his large defense value. In the end that was my demise, as when turn 7 came around and I had to attack into Harry's board, his Vengeance ended up burning me for an extra five, resulting in his victory...once again by TWO endurance!

My final match was up against Dustin, who hadn't played in quite a while and was struggling a little bit. Even with that against him, he was able to hit almost every drop through out the game. Similar to my second game, I was hampered by having hidden characters until turn five, and then sadly missed my six completely. With only a 1-drop on the visible area of the board it was all over for me.

In all three of my games I only got to use my Punisher stuff in the second game. I had one pathetic sniper counter and that's it. Definitely not the terrifying sequence of events I had planned to unleash upon my opponents. The only thing that got punished was my pride. :P

After 3-rounds of play we had our top three players. In a three way tie with 2 victories each, the final standings determined by tie-breakers (Mantis does all the work there) as Scott, Vern and Harry.

We tossed all the rares in a pile and set to drafting them out. If I recall correctly Scott went home with the Angel of Death and an accompanying Sniper Shot, and I think Vern snagged a copy of Three-Ton Boulder (don't ask me why). The box didn't have a Mobilize in it like our Legion draft box did, but it was still a lot of fun for everyone. Thanks for coming out to play guys!

Next up: Bring Your Own Two Teams


dark121 said...

actually i got sniper shot. and three ton boulder cause it's an AWESOME looking card!

Obsidian3D said...

Ah my mistake. I was trying to pay attention to what everyone took, but I'm getting old and whatnot!

Scott said...

My second choice was Dr. Strange, Ally of the Four. With Divided We Stand, he lets me use the Infinity Gauntlet twice per turn. With a Cosmic Radiation, three times per turn (or more) FTW. :-D

Obsidian3D said...

Yikes, it's a wonder I ever win games against some of you people! :P