February 18, 2010

Ban List Tournament Reminder

Ok I'm really late with this, but the card lists have all been available since Sunday in the comments for the last post. Here's the list in easy readable order, and keep in mind that ALL version of a card are banned if it has been reprinted in any other sets:

MOR-105 The New Brotherhood
MOR-101 Lost City
MOR-112 Dr. Doom Victor Von Doom
MOR-183 Cover Fire
MOR-189 Flying kick
MOR-210 Press the Attack

MSM-109 Bamf!
MSM-130 Devil's Due

DGL-024 Sinestro Green Lantern of Korugar

DJL-049 Guy Gardner Egomaniac

DCR-017 Michael Holt <> Mr. Terrific

DLS-187/MVL-258 Mobilize

MVL-029 Bererker Rage
MVL-045 healing factor
MVL 204 Dr.doom diabolical genius
MVL-217 Mystical Paralysis
MVL-267/MOR-214 Savage Beatdown

MCG-039 Pathetic Attempt
MEX-013 Silver Surfer's Board

MAA-003 X-Men Assemble!
MAA-019 Holocaust <> Age of Apocolypse

DCL-065 Beast Boy, Freak of Nature
DCL-141 Earth 3
DCL-144 Crime syndicate of Amerika
DCX-023 Superman/Batman Robot
DCX-026 A Clash of Worlds

MUN-026 Spider-Man, Secret Avenger
MUN-032 Captain America's Shield
MUN-064 Radioactive Man, Containment Suit
MUN-081 Speedball Is Dead
MUN-095 Iron Man, Mighty Avenger
MUN-117 Wolverine - Agent of Shield
MUN-185 Hulk, Green Scar
MUN-293 Quantum Bands
MUN-312 Invasion Plans
MUN-326 superhuman registation act

MEV-012 Havok - Proud Son
MEV-014 Jack Frost
MEV-057 James Proudstar - Warpath
MEV-165 Blink!
MEV-172 Warp Shards
MEV-179 Deadpool - Party Pooper
MEV-190 Mesmero, Vincent
MEV-202 Vision - Earth-10101
MEV-206 Weapon Plus Satellite
MEV-218 Alex Wilder - Child Prodigy
MEV-225 Victor Mancha - Son of Ultron
MEV-259 Muramasa Blade
MEV-274 No More Mr. Nice Guy

MEQ-013 Goblin Glider 2.0

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