August 03, 2010

Lantern War!

Last Friday was a great event. We had eight players some out for our DCU tournament. We were missing a regular player as well, which was too bad but it was still great to see so many people come out for the games.

We all built sealed decks using mock-packs from DCU. I had a ton of locations, but was pretty light on plot twists. Given that...I decided to play a mixed deck of Green Lantern, Anti-Matter and a few JSA characters thrown in for good measure. My mock-packs only had one team-up card (Janus Contract?), which was good for a three-way team up...but if you didn't choose Suicide Squad it got replaced at the end of the turn.

My first game ended in a coin-toss as Jason arrived too late to play (technically we should have given me a bye and he a loss for being late), but since we're pretty informal I just decided to flip a coin. The second game against Nathan was a tight race, with the health gains from my early Central Power Battery nearly being the difference. In the end it was Nathan's game by only 2 endurance! Round three paired me against Jordan, who apparently was not having much good luck for the evening, as I handed him his third straight loss.

Our top place winner was Jason, followed by Roy who narrowly lost the game against Jason. From I heard, Jason's copy of Amon Sur was the difference maker in that game. Everyone took home a ton of prize cards and I especially had a great time. It's always good to see so many people out for a night of VS!

Edit: Looking back through my selection of cards, I have NO idea why I didn't play an Anti-Matter deck. I had a very solid curve of 1 thru 6. The small number of Suicide Squad characters I had available fit into the drops very well, and my team up would have then worked too! Ah well...maybe next time.

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