September 29, 2010

DCU Finale Tournament Story

Well I'm a little behind, but last Friday we capped off our DC Universe season with a final tournament. There were six players who came out for the event (which is probably all of the people who are reading this article!). The rounds shape up as follows; the winners are in italics:

Round 1: Jason vs Jordan, Will vs Seb, Roy vs Scott
Round 2: Jason vs Roy, Scott vs Will, Jordan vs Seb
Round 3: Jason vs Seb, Scott vs Jordan, Roy vs Will

I ended up playing in Jason's place due to him having to leave after the first round. He found a really interesting little combo equipping Killer Shark with a Batmobile. Using his pay willpower ability to increase his attack and defense, while becoming unstunnable thanks to the Batmobile is probably not a combination that the designers foresaw, but it was pretty fun nonetheless!

One of the great things about this set was the big endurance swings in the late game. I saw a lot of games being played with endurance totals like 10/12 at the end of turn six, but ending on turn seven at -19/-12. That's just a lot of fun in my opinion, and goes to show that late-going games can be really exciting while still remaining close.

After two rounds we had two players with 2-0 records. Will and Roy faced each other down with their constructed decks, and when the dust cleared it was the end of turn seven. With it being Roy's initiative he played a ton of effects on his attacking 7-drop Hal Jordan to pump him up over 30 attack! Will took the bruising but was able to score a stun back. Having a few smaller characters left on his attack step to attack from his hidden was enough to win him the game and the tournament!

Congratulations to Will for placing top in the DCU tourney, especially considering his affinity for Marvel. My condolences to Roy, who had the bad luck of placing second in not one but two DCU tournaments. And of course my thanks to everyone for showing up and supporting our group well into the second year post-UDE. It's great to see and I hope to continue things into 2011!

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