November 09, 2010

BYOTT Universe Crossover

This is a variation of Bring Your Own Two Teams. All the regular BYOTT rules apply, but with one catch: each of your teams must be from a different universe. This means that you may not have two DC teams, two Marvel teams or two Hellboy teams in your deck.

I will add one further rule... In addition to the approved ban list, I am going to add the cards "X-Men Assemble!", "Legendary Battles" and "Bamf!" to the ban list. These cards may not be included in your deck for this event.

So, who are you going to team up?

1 comment:

Scott said...

I think I know the answer before I ask it, but...

Can we play legend cards if they don't specifically mention a team affiliation? For example, if I was to choose Anti-Matter as one of my teams, could I play Qwardian Messiah? "Characters you control that share an affiliation with a Sinestro you control get +2/+2 this attack."

My guess is no, but I thought I'd try. A lot of the plot twists for DCU are legend cards that aren't team-stamped.