March 30, 2011

Another Canadian Election Approaches

WARNING: This article has nothing to do with games!

For the most part I'm not a person who is terribly interested in politics, but as I grow older I find myself paying more attention to where my money goes. This applies both to the money I spend of my own accord, as well as that which is involuntarily liberated from me by way of taxation.

The sad truth of the matter is that, locally, provincially and federally, I feel that the service I received for dollars rendered is very much lacking. I have written to my local MP on several occasions, and have never once received a response of any kind. Our provincial premier here in Alberta seems to live in an entirely different universe than those he has been elected to represent. Finally, our prime minister (as well as those who want his job) seem to be more interested in telling us how terrible their opponents are rather than actually doing anything to better the country.

As saddening as this entire situation is, these are the people that represent me, and all of Canada to the world. So perhaps some of the blame the lies with you and I. Canadians seem to have far too much apathy when it comes to being active in determining their political leadership. While we haven't had much reason to be interested (and it IS hard to be heard when Harper shuts down parliament for an extra month...), it's time to get interested and quick.

I'm tired of having things decided by minority governments who shouldn't be in power anyway, and I'm tired of being dictated to by supercilious idiots who aren't listening to what their citizens are asking of them. To all the politicians out there: start doing your fucking jobs and represent your constituents in an honest and earnest fashion.

And to all the rest of you: There's the old adage "if you don't vote, you can't bitch." So get off your ass, take an interest in your country, and come election time...go vote.

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Scott said...

Hear hear!

Personally, I find it outrageous that the Conservative leader continues to mock and denegrate the checks and balances that exist in our parliamentary system. If he can't win the respect of his fellow parliamentarians, his government SHOULD fall. And I personally am 100% in favor of diverse parties working together for the benefit of all Canadians, whether you call it a "coalition" or whether you call it "parliament." But it seems that all Mr. Harper can do is repeat the words "coalition" and "reckless" in American-style fear mongering, rather than attempt what I'd like to see him accomplish:

1) Working with all parliamentarians for the betterment of Canada;
2) Representing Canada with dignity and respect.

Enough is enough. I don't want an autocrat for Prime Minister any more.