September 28, 2011

Call for VS Event Suggestions

Ok all you villains; I need your help! (Heroes just doesn't seem to be the right adjective for most of my readers, so you're stuck with what I give you...)
Most of the time when I'm putting together the upcoming list of event formats I simply try to think of what formats might be fun, and that we haven't played for a while. However this month I thought I'd try something different. I want you to help me chose the format for not one, but TWO of this month's events.

For the October 13th tournament, submit a comment on this blogpost with your top two suggestions from the format list. The format with the most suggestions submitted before October 7th will be the winner. A list of the formats can be found here.

With Halloween coming up I wanted to try something with a horror or undead theme. I'm uncertain what this could be or how we can apply it to a VS System event. Here's a simple example idea: each player must build a BYOTT deck that features Underworld as one of their teams. Post your suggestions for a Halloween themed VS event by October 20th. At the October 27th event I'll provide some prizes for the following categories:

- Most interesting, on-theme deck (voted on by the players)
- Winner of the tournament (decided by your own skill)
- Person who comes up with the theme we use (entirely up to my discretion)

One last thing: Even if you're from far, far away (like...Zimbabwe kind of far) don't feel like you can't make suggestions for us to use. I'm really looking forward to seeing and hearing what everyone comes up with!


Roy Madill, Rachelle Madill said...

1. Super Dual Legend... same as normal dual legend but must have 20 cards of each character that reference either or both names. Might be more fun if we also ban non-unique cards like Clash of Worlds.

2. Modern Age

3. Theme for Oct 31... each character in your deck must have died at some point... that's a big pool of characters to choose from!

Roy Madill, Rachelle Madill said...

Typo... I mean Oct 27th

Scott said...

1. First choice is Clone Saga (can't remember the last time we had access to non-unique characters!). Second choice is Dual Legend. I love legend stuff!

2. I like Roy's idea, but I think the format needs a name. I like "Rise From the Grave" (MSM-158), but "Straight to the Grave" is a more famous card (DJL-150/DCL-202). Otherwise, you could choose from Underworld, Hellboy or Shadowpact. Also, I think we should come in costume that day. :-D

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind playing Clone Saga again or BOYTT.

As for the 27th. I was thinking that every character must be wearing a full (halloween) mask. Not a horror theme but all the same.

Anonymous said...

BYOTT that is.

Obsidian3D said...

Ok folks October 13th's format (with 2 votes) is Clone Saga!