December 13, 2011

Better Health Through Gaming - Week 5

Ugh last week was a long one, but I apparently survived. Mostly unscathed, at least if you don't count my almost utter lack of sleep. The company Christmas party went very well, and our performance seemed very well received. Now I just have to finish mixing three of five songs in less than four days. They're definitely not going to be my best work, but they should still sound pretty decent.

With all the craziness going on last week, I have finally missed some workouts. Both my Thursday and Saturday workouts were skipped entirely. This was a conscious choice by me. I simply didn't have the energy or desire to do them on those days. They are marked in my calendar to be made up. While all three make-ups likely won't happen this week, I think I might be able to slate one of them in.

Even with all of that stuff I still managed to lose a little weight. It's more likely due to my lack of sleeping than any food intake changes I made. But hell, I'll take it.

Workouts: 3 (actually 2, the game oddly counts fitness test as a workout)
Duration: 52 minutes
Calories Burned: 408
Average Heart Rate: 115 bpm
Max Heart Rate: 173 bpm
Distance: 0.85 miles

This week will be better.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I know this is off-topic, but in an old post you mention VS System Marvel Factions. Some friends and I play VS, but can't find any MFA cards. Were they ever printed?

Obsidian3D said...

No, it's a virtual fan-set. You can find more information on it at There are several 'council approved' sets on the boards there.