January 26, 2012

1/12th of 2012 Already Done

So where've I been and what happened to all the talk about games? Well, I've been sicker than I can recall ever being with a cold for almost two weeks. It's not often I'm sick enough to be off from work for more than a day, let alone an entire week. I wasn't able to complete my workout program and haven't been doing much beyond sleeping, drinking copious amounts of tea and water, and lying mostly-comatose on a couch or bed. I'm finally back at work and generally alive again, albeit still packing a cough that might pass as a worthy mating call to local, lonely albatross (albatrosses, albatrossi?). It'll be at least a week before I test myself out in any kind of rigorous activity, which will likely mean restarting the 9-week program on easy.

As for gaming, I really haven't done any. I cancelled the Monday night board gaming at the beginning of January due to a confluence of general lack of interest (although I have to thank William for being a regular attendee / interested party) and frustration. I was just tired of trying to organize yet another thing. I do it at work, in my band, with my family and even with the VS group (which I must happily admit, doesn't require much organizing at this point). Having another thing on Mondays to send out invites for, pick games to play, familiarize myself with rules, get snacks and clean the house for each week just stopped being fun when people aren't answering or unable to come more often than not.

January's almost over, so I'm just going to concentrate on getting things sorted out for me. The rest of you can look after yourselves I hope!

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