April 09, 2012

A Question of Interest

For the past while I've been asking about doing another fan-set to supplement to two that we've already had done. Based on verbal responses from the members individually there are enough people to warrant me putting it together and having it printed. However, I haven't really got the feeling that people are excited or interested in the set, or even continuing with the game.

I'll fully admit that my schedule hasn't allowed me to be at the store for events much this year, but it's pretty discouraging for me as our group dwindles and stagnates. I'm always trying to keep things fresh and fair by doing things like sealed events, and various fun formats, but as people opt out of (or in some cases aren't able) purchasing our fan-sets, it makes the group increasingly difficult to manage. For example, if we don't all have access to a new set, it's simply not feasible to plan any kind of set-based events, like a release party, without planning around each person's card pool. I'm sure none of you would want to have to try keeping track of who has what just to plan a three-hour game night...

I still enjoy the game as I'm sure the rest of our group does. However, I simply want to know if it's worth my continued effort to keep things going. As much as I want to ensure that all of the players have fun, it needs to be fun for me as well.

Please respond by posting a comment here so that we can get an idea of what everyone wants to do. If you have suggestions for an alternate night, other ideas for formats or events, or anything that you think might be helpful, please post those as well.


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