June 04, 2012

Escape...Into Danger

Yesterday evening was an interesting turn of events.  If I'm feeling social I will sometimes invite a few friends over to play board games.  With the nice weather I wasn't planning to do so, but one of my friends called shortly before dinner-time.  We ended up going to grab a quick bite at my favorite local restaurant, enjoying a beer and some sunshine before rolling some dice.

Upon Seb's suggestion we decided to play a game of Strange Aeons. This would actually mark the first time a miniature game was played on my gaming table in over a year, as well as being a first for using some of my newly created terrain and all of my recently painted miniatures.

We rolled up the scenario Escape...Into Danger, with Sebastien playing the Lurkers (6 cultists - a leader, three with knives, one double-barrel shotgun, and a tommy gun).  I fielded my Threshold list (Carl Selinger: character with rugged and a double-barrel shotgun, Elizabeth Montrose: agent with heroic and a shotgun, Loamy MacIntyre: agent with a .45 and lieutenant, Arthur Hendry: agent with a .45 and read languages, and a concerned citizen, James Forester Jr. armed with a .22 pistol).

After we set up the terrain on the table we rolled off and Seb went first, moving up his leader and gun toting cultists up the west side and center respectively.  I responded by moving everyone except Arthur up or into the cover of the southern trees and hills.  Two of the knife-wielding cultists moved to the east corner of the temple in the center of the board...apparently hoping to slow down anyone making a run to avoid the cultist's gunfire.

On my next turn I realized I'd made a critical error by placing too much distance between Carl and Loamy, therefore hindering Carl's ability to nominate him.  In hopes of remedying this I nominated Loamy, who called Elizabeth up with him.  Loamy moved out into the open south of the temple.  Elizabeth left cover following him to the northeast.

The cultists opened fire on Loamy, landing a wound and taking him off the table with a minor injury.  Elizabeth responded by moving up to fire back.  Shotgun cultist took refuge behind a small hillock but wasn't able to dodge the buckshot and went down.  No one noticed his blood seeping into the hungry grass, as it matched the color of their robes.

James displayed bravery in the face of violence and ran towards the cultist firing a tommy-gun from the top of the temple steps.  Drawing fire away from Elizabeth for a moment he paid the price, taking a major wound from gunfire.  Elizabeth tried to avenge him, but was also cut down in a hail of gunfire.

To the east, Carl and Arthur steeled themselves for a final push past the lurkers.  Firing from atop a tall hill Carl was able to take out two of the three knife-wielding cultists who were providing protection to their leader.  Moving forward to confront the cult leader, Arthur was confused (meaning I made a mistake) and attacked at half strength.  Even in his weakened state he was able to fight the remaining cultist to the ground, but in the confusion was stabbed by the cult leader and put out of commission.

Seeing an opportunity for escape, Carl made the most of it and dodged past a few stray bullets and shouts of frustration to leave the scene of the battle.

In the aftermath Loamy and Arthur made full recoveries.  After some well-placed concern about Elizabeth, she overcame her severe injuries and was released from hospital with no long-term ill effects.  Their helpful citizen however wasn't so lucky.  He's been diagnosed with Hemaphobia and seems to be jittery whenever he's near other people.  The agents will be happy to have him along for help next time, but will remember to keep a little distance for James' peace of mind.

Carl was able to retrieve a map piece from the scene of the violence, and his skilled command seems to have improved greatly.  He was also able to retrieve Loamy's hat, which seems a pretty lucky bit of kit after everything's all said and done.  Perhaps Father Sperry will join them on their next mission.  A little more help, not to mention magic and faith, would certainly be helpful!


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