October 01, 2012

Field Operative Update

October 1, 1922

Attn: Director Silver
RE: Field Operative Roster Update


After a short break to allow myself and Mr. MacIntyre to recover from our recent injuries I've chosen some Agents from those listed on file as available. As per your previous communication, I've issued recall notices to their last known field offices and await their arrival. We'll be ready to deploy immediately upon their assembly.

Please have the files for the following personnel updated to reflect their status as active members of my field team.

Dr. John McDermott

Doctor McDermott's experience in ancient architecture, language and culture will prove invaluable in our efforts to retrieve the artifacts lost in pursuit of case file SA-120816-RtA. He has also proven a steady hand in the face of the assorted...creatures we're likely to face.

Walter Daniels
Former Occupation Unknown

I realize that Agent Daniels has spent the last few months under observation in the Pittsburgh office, but his former commander Agent Henkel has assured me that despite his habit (Daniels claims that damned flask is lucky!) he is a good man, and is actually one hell of a shot. Per Agent Henkel's recommendation, I'll take him, even though it seems no one else wants him.

Professor Henry Armitage
Librarian / Linguist / Chemist

After much discussion I was able to convince the professor that his knowledge would serve us better in the field than hiding among towers of tomes and test tubes. After taking his measure, I'm willing to bet that there's a backbone of  steel in that man. In fact I am betting exactly that, with my own life.

I'll contact you again as soon as possible.

Carl Selinger
Commanding Field Agent


I spent a few hours on Saturday painting up a few new models for my Threshold team. All three models, and the obelisk started their morning wearing black primer only. I do apologize for the photos, they're not very good this time around.

John McDermott is a figure from the Reaper Chronoscope line that I really liked the look of. I used the same color for his outfit as I did on the UMW Alicia/Patricia figure I painted up a little while back. The torch turned out alright, although I'm sure it doesn't look like what real fire would. I didn't bother trying to capture the lighting it would have on the figure, that's beyond what I want to do for my minis.

Walter Daniels I bought at the same time as another figure from the RAFM Call of Cthulhu line. I gave him a new name because I couldn't find the card that he came on, which is a shame because I remember liking it when I bought it. I really love the rakish look he this figure has, with the runaway tie and flask in hand. I used greens and greys for something a little bit different. I'm not a big fan of the colour green, but I think it looks really good in this instance.

Professor Armitage is also a RAFM figure; this one is from the Lovecraft Country box-set. Very characterful, and was extremely easy to paint. He's a great looking model.

The stone obelisk is from Uncle Mike's Strange Aeons line of course. Super easy to paint and only took a few minutes, but I love how it turned out.

The flesh tone on the professor and Daniels is a little darker than I'd have liked, but I'll know for next time to use something lighter than Tallarn Flesh. As with all my figures I painted them in three steps: simple block colours as a base, various ink washes to add depth, and a final series of dry brushing to bring out some highlights and details. It won't win me any awards, but it looks good enough for me!


Brummie said...

They look great mate and at least you bother to paint them!

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks much. I think my painting has improved, as well as my speed. And taking the time to make the figures into characters with names really enhances my enjoyment of the game...even if all I give them are a few notes like this.

Yeti's Yell said...

Nice! Real characterful. Good basing too!

Obsidian3D said...

Hey thanks for the comments. I appreciate the feedback, and the visit!