December 04, 2013

Star Trek: Attack Wing - OP4 Lull

After playing in two tournaments for the Star Trek: Attack Wing OP3 last week, this week feels like a bit of a letdown. All the wave 2 previews have been released. The OP4 prizes have been spoiled. Now most of the players are simply awaiting the arrival of wave 2 in their local stores or in their mailboxes if they ordered online. And the next tournament seems far, far away.

Wizkids Dominion War tournaments have been a lot of fun through the first three months. With the various winter holidays and new year coming up OP4 is slated to run through Dec/Jan, which means fewer events. I know of one shop that is running theirs in December but it's on a day I can't attend. Another has scheduled theirs for mid-January. The shop I'll be running at hasn't gotten back to be to confirm if my suggested date is acceptable. December is a busy time for most folks, so I can understand.

I'm quite looking forward to wave 2, which is sort of ironic actually because I've not used some of the ships from wave 1. Come to think of it, I have only used the Klingon ship personally in an official event. The Defiant made an appearance in a test run a few weeks ago to see if a list would work, and some of the cards from the Praetus have been used, but neither of those ships, or the two 5th Wing Jem'Hadar ships have been played by me. Soon I'll be adding four more ships to my collection and they'll be begging for use too.

Oh, and I've also not had a chance to try out my OP3 prize ship, the Aj'rmr. That's a lot of unused kit.

I've suggested that we run an open event in December to allow folks to bring in a mission they'd like to play from one of the expansion packs. I think that would give people a fun way to try out some of the ships they have bought and not used as much as they'd like, as well as providing a little more variety in games than the organized tournaments. I know I'd like to try out any number of the missions myself.

With the downtime in my Attack Wing gaming I decided it had been a while since I painted anything and finally completed construction of a WW2 Russian infantry squad. I'll be painting those and likely a previously-built set of German Panzer grenadiers in the next week or two. They're intended for use with Operation Squad WW2 rules, and I'm looking forward to getting that game on the table before Christmas.

Next time I check in I hope to have some thoughts on the wave 2 expansion ships!


wrabbit37 said...

I know what you mean about feeling like we're about to hit a long wait. I was lucky enough to grab my Wave 2 ships already and get a few games in with them (played with the Vo and the Karanak, and against the Excelsior twice). I have to say, I'm loving this wave (except the Vo). Lots of fun stuff to toss on the table.

We've got a local OP4 coming up next week, and then that's all we get for a while. And I don't have much to look forward to at that event - even if I win a ship, it's already promised to another of my playgroup. We made a deal early that we'd all pool our efforts to help the group - so if I win the Sutherland it's going to the primary-Federation player first, then the secondary-Federation player if we get a second one. I won't be able to sniff the Sutherland until January at the earliest.

Ah well. Dominion's got me excited enough with their new stuff that I'm actually considering jumping from Romulans to Dominion for an event. The Romulans didn't really get anything appreciably new this wave, and I want to try new stuff.

I think Wave One was pretty much all good stuff. The Praetus makes almost all of my Romulan lists. The Defiant and 5th Wing ships make it into our lists quite often.

shipwreck said...

I understand your disappointment, but the break works for me! I got trounced in OP3 (my first event) because I've only got the base set plus the Praetus. This little respite will let Santa stock up my fleet and give me some time to sort out a proper list.

I also have three local shops running multiple events, which is a nice set of options. Hopefully you won't stay too bored! :)

Obsidian3D said...

Wow I'm envious that you already have your wave 2 stuff! Is the Vo really as bad as it looked in the previews?

Obsidian3D said...

Well I hope Santa helps you out. :) I'm hoping I can find wave 2 locally before then.