March 08, 2016

Been a Little Quiet Around Here

...but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Since I posted last I've actually done some pretty entertaining hobby stuff. Last week I provided demos for the Batman Miniature Game on two different evenings.

 Both demo evenings were good fun, and I think interest in the game is really starting to reach a peak. I think the escalation league that I've started laying out plans for could prove quite successful. Even if only half of the folks who have expressed interest end up playing, we should have a solid half-dozen players.

Due to time limitations on the demo nights, games were restricted to 150 rep and small amounts of characters and objectives. Some stuff like placement was fudged a bit too (as you can see below), but the point was providing a good intro to the game mechanics.

Otherwise there has been a bunch of hobby prep going down. I've been able to complete building and basing all the remaining BMG models I had, as well as plenty of stuff for Pulp City and some more Strange Aeons. Additionally I've built a bit more of my Plastcraft Circus stuff and expect to get that all completed by month's end. The last hobby tasks remaining for this month will be priming all those models, and hopefully getting some stuff cleared off the painting table.

We've got the season 3 semi-final game of Dreadball Ultimate booked for the Calgary Dreadball League. The winner of that game will face off against my Berserker Island Beasts in the championship game!

Stay tuned...


Simon Quinton said...

Excellent! Its how Pulp Citizen got me playing it was with small 200rep crews. First his figures then my own Penguin Crew then building up from there its a good way to learn it.

10x28mm said...

Very cool. very cool.

How do you like the Plasticraft stuff? The white edges put me off.

Obsidian3D said...

I have only worked with the Dark Carnival stuff so far, and I wish the printed textures had better contrast. Some of the buildings have writing and stuff on them which is nigh-impossible to read. From playing distance however, they look great. I'm perfectly happy with them although I think the pre-printed stuff is a little pricey. The white edges don't really bother me during a game, but on display you definitely notice them.

I've also built some wild west stuff which is, textured, but not coloured. I haven't painted it yet, but the prices on those are much lower and I think they'll look great once painted.

I've got some of the older buildings for the Carnevale range as well, which I don't think have any textures on them at all. Who knows when those will get constructed...