September 12, 2016

The Berserker Island Beasts

With play underway for the  Calgary Dreadball League's third season I had a finished season 2 human team, or a season 4 martian team that I could have used, but I didn't really want to play either of those teams in league play. This is the final of my four original season 1 teams to be painted.

If you've stopped by and read any of my posts about other teams, you've have seen that many of them are based on characters from Masters of the Universe. The "Berserker Island Beasts" are based Beastman, who is also serving as their offensive coach.

Despite looking through lots of reference images, I struggled to find a colour I liked for the fur and ended up using the bright P3 Ember Orange. Selecting uniform colours for the team was also a challenge as Beastman doesn't have much in the way of accessories or colours other than orange, and those he does have vary widely depending on the depiction. The Beastman figure I'll be using is an old Grenadier miniature from the 80s, but he's not painted yet.

The Veer-myn team has no jacks, just plenty of strikers, a couple guards, a keeper and also the MVP "Reek Rolat" who will only play for Veer-myn teams. Might as well paint him up the same as the rest.

I modified a few of the striker figures to try getting some more variation in the poses. The end result is serviceable, however the models for this team are not my favorites from the line. Despite that I've enjoyed playing the team in a few games so far.

Here's a quick paint recipe:

- fur: P3 Ember Orange & other browns
- wraps and teeth: GW Bleached Bone
- armour: GW Hawk Turqoise, GW Goblin Green, white
- metals: P3 cold steel
- straps: P3 Greatcoat Grey
- tails: P3 flesh

I coached this team to an undefeated 5-0 record to win the 2016 CDBL Championship. I didn't miss the fact that the don't have jacks. The low skill of the strikers is well mitigated by their speed, and adding an extra guard made a huge difference to how well they were able to survive against other teams.

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