November 01, 2016

SuperFigs: Adder and Mystick

I always seem to have a few work-in-progress models on my table at any given time. Some of them tend to languish there for months (or years), but others will land and get finished right away. I'm not sure why that's the case, but that's how it goes.

These two models were in the 'months' range, along with a few others from the "SuperFigs" line (for SuperSystem) who've yet to see completion. While I was working on Hawkeye and Deadpool from Knight Models I did a bit of work on these two as they shared some common colours.

First up is the villain Adder. She's a member of one of the villain groups; I believe the League of Supervillains. I've got Blackbird and Saber Skull from the same team in the queue for this month.

The next one is Mystick. She's a free agent according to the profiles from 3rd edition. I'll have to sit down and do some conversions of their profiles into 4th edition. I've done a few other conversions in the past and they seemed to work out fairly well.

I'm sure I say it every time I post a figure from this line, but I really love them. They're characterful, one-piece poses that are extremely easy to paint and look great on the table. They fit nicely in scale with Knight Models and a lot of other comic-themed models and I'm always happy to get these on the table no matter what game it's for.

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