April 13, 2018

April 2018 BMG Tournament Results

On April 7th, 2018 I hosted my second tournament of the year at Eastridge Sports Cards & Games in Calgary, Alberta. We had 8 players registered to play, but weather conditions brought our numbers down to 6. We still had a great day of games, food and fun with the Batman Miniatures Game 2nd Edition rules.

Tournament Results & Crew Lists

6th Place: Birds of Prey (346/$100), Mike D
Black Canary - Boss, Batgirl, Catwoman (Modern Age), Huntress, Poison Ivy (Classic)

5th Place: Joker (346/$1350), Brian
Joker (Leto), Harley Quinn (SS), Pandaman w/ magazine), Deadshot (SS)

4th Place: The Brave & the Bold (James)
Batman (Rebirth), Robin (Damian), Swamp Thing

3rd Place: Organized Crime (348/$1950), Mike H.
Lex Luthor, Heavy Trooper w/ jet pack, Lexcorp Trooper 1 w/ Bribe, Lexcorp Trooper 2 w/ jet pack, Lexcorp Trooper 3 w/ grapple, Anatoly, Hugo, Troy

2nd Place: Bane (350/$1500), Tezlin
Bane (Rebirth), Deadshot (SS), Duke w/ NV goggles & ammo, Kabuto w/ Titan, Prisoner 93432

1st Place: Organized Crime (343/$1500), Talon
Two-Face, Enchantress, Tet w/ Grapple, Nen, Prisoner 47905, Vov w/ Bribe

Fellowship Voted: Mike D.
Best Painted Voted: Mike H.

Thanks to everyone who came out, shared your great scenery and simply made the day excellent. I really appreciate it, not to mention the great prize support we had from www.o2media.ca and the perfect play space provided by Eastridge Sports Cards & Games. Thank you! 

We'll leave you with some photos of the lovely scenery and models that hit the tables last weekend!

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