May 23, 2019

Assorted Heroes & Villains

Lately I finished a lot of models. Some of them were started and finished over a few days, but this batch has been languishing for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years in some state between primed and partially finished.

As usual it's more comic-themed stuff from me.

First up are some of the classic metal SuperFigs. I know they're rather dated now compared to some of the new stuff coming out, but I still love this line and pick them up whenever I find a few I don't have somewhere. If memory serves, Artemis is a hero with GUARD and the other two characters are villains. (At one point I had created an arrow for her bow, but it got lost in one of the two moves I made in 2017.) Steel Razor reminded me of  Vera the cyborg from Superman III and got some glossy white armour. The paint job on Serpent is not my most inspired, but it's serviceable.

Artemis, Steel Razor, Serpent

The next few are from Reaper Miniatures. The Black Mist is from the first Bones Kickstarter they did years ago. I have a sidekick in the works for him somewhere. I like the name they chose for the figure, but of course he's based on "The Shadow" so that's the paint job he got here.

The Shadow

Finally are a pair of metal miniatures: Incredible Woman and Zenith. I'm sure these were intended as heroes, but for some reason I decided that they felt like villains and should go together. The end result was the villainous duo Smash 'n Grab.

 Smash, Grab

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