September 01, 2006


We interrupt our irregularly unscheduled programming with this brief segue into um...strange vocabulary.

So this week has been a little odd. I packed up most of my stuff and mailed it off yesterday. On the plus side, it cost quite a bit less than I was budgeting it to. On the negative side, I had to fill out tons of flipping forms just to send them! I can understand the postal service wanting to be sure they aren't going to lose your stuff, customs wanting to know what they're transporting and the government salivating to slap taxes on everything when it arrives, but this was bloody ridiculous.

The night before I spent a goodly while carefully taping and labelling everything with clear TO and FROM addresses. So when I get to the post office the lady kindly informs me that I have to fill out another form for EACH BOX with exactly that information, plus the contents and value of each. Also, I had to fill out a second address in the event the package couldn't be delivered.

So I grumble and mutter, but fill those out...dreading what I know is coming next. Recently packages going to Canada have to have some special form filled out with all the information I listed above on it. THIS paper gets folded up and stuck inside a clear plastic envelope on the same box as the green form I filled out first! Lame lame LAME.

Anyway, it took me like and hour to fill all that crap out. By the time I was done I was much crankier than when I'd started. But I do feel much better knowing that one of the big things is taken care of. This weekend it's the clothes...

Pictures from Tokyo are coming on Monday. Stay tuned!

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