September 17, 2006

Tokyo Trip part 2 - Fuji Q Highland!

I'm back in Canada, as some or all of you may know but I'm not going to talk about that just yet. I'm gonna talk about Japan again. More specifically my trip to Tokyo last month.

We arrived at the Shinjuku highway bus terminal EARLY on Friday morning. At 5:30 there are people out and about, but not a whole lot is open except convenience stores and the bus station. We asked around a bit and found the station we were to catch our bus to the amusement park from with a minimal amount of trouble. There was a bit of time to waste until then so we grabbed some food from a local conbini and sat to rest a bit.

We arrived at Fuji Q Highland somewhere around 9:30 if I remember right. A little tired, but looking forward to the day. We hit several rides, the most exciting being FujiYama rollercoaster! The track was so long that there are three sets of cars on it at any given time. The haunted hospital was really great too. Three stories of creepily-decorated rooms and VERY in-character actors. They even got me to jump twice!

The other ride I really enjoyed was a simple drop-chair. It went up like 60 (or maybe 70 meters) then just...falls. Lots of fun. We ended up riding a couple other rides with some girls I struck up a conversation with while waiting in line for the drop-chairs too. All in all I had a great time at FujiQ even though I wasn't feeling that well.

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Sonneilon said...

Tight. Looks like that drop goes THRU a roller coaster section. THAT'S crazy. At least you had fun!