June 10, 2008

And finally, some news!

So it's been almost a year since I put anything up on here...not for lack of happenings, more a lack of desire to write online. You never really know who's reading and what kind of weird things they may be thinking about you. Of course, I don't really care if someone out there in the wide, wide world of web thinks I'm strange, but I digress.

I've been working on a lot of things, work being one of them. A large portion of my non-work time has been devoted to my various hobbies. Gaming (that's the non-video kind for you young kids out there) has kept me sane when I'm bored or frustrated. It's also helping to keep me largely devoid of any disposable income as well, but it's a fair trade off.

I started playing Heroclix last May and try to play at least once a week. There are easily three or four places I could go to on various days of the week, but my dice still frequently choose to betray me in my moment of need, so I limit my disappointment accordingly. I dabbled briefly in Horrorclix as well, chiefly intrigued by the sculpts moreso than the gameplay, but unable to find regular players I elected to stop buying those with any frequency.

About three months ago I was visiting a friend who showed me an RPG sourcebook by the name of Dark Heresy. It was beautifully produced with lavish artwork and some amazing writing. The universe of Warhammer 40,000 was far more interesting than I'd imagined from passing by the Games Workshop outlets in the mall. I recently purchased a starter box of that game and have been diligently painting my crashed spaceship terrain pieces. I haven't played much yet, but after receiving a Chaos Battleforce box for my birthday, and a massive box of Chaos Daemons in the mail today I certainly intend to! Lots of painting to do...but it'll be worth it.

And now on to the crux of my sudden burst of typing.

Late in the fall of last year I was going through some of my items from storage and came upon my collection of Vs. System cards. I was reminded of what a fun game that was and decided to look into finding some local players. Alas, none were to be found...so I started on a quest to create some. After a few months of travelling around to various gaming shops in the city I found a supportive shop and set up a few game demos. Bi-weekly tournament soon followed, and now we have a solid player base of around 4-6 regulars, with another 8-10 players that drop in on occasion.

Since we've got a nice player base and people are playing both at the regular tournaments and in their off-time, I thought I'd start a little page to post about it. Since I already had this site set up, it seemed a natural place to start. I'll still post random musings on occasion, but the main focus will be on our player group, tournaments, events and deck ideas that I've seen or am working on.

Stay tuned!

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