June 10, 2008

Event Report: Beatdown Beauties

I often like to set deck building challenges for our players. It helps mix things up so that we don't see the same decks played night after night, and also encourages players to try cards and combos that they wouldn't usually attempt. For the last event I came up with something extremely challenging: Beatdown Beauties.

The format breaks down as such: each card in your deck must have a female character somewhere on the artwork. Card artwork with no characters are also valid for play.

I didn't have a chance to look at all the decks in detail, but I know we had an all X-Men (or should I say X-Women?) deck, an X-Men team-up (I wasn't able to catch what the other team was). Between rules questions and teaching a lonely WoW player how to play VS, I wasn't able to look at two of the other player's decks...so I apologize for not mentioning them here.

I provided two decks for use as well; one being a Darkseid's Elite / Underworld deck centered on endurance burn and Madeline Pryor on turn six to KO all of the opponent's board. Turn seven's endgame featured Kara Zor-El, Female Fury to stun all the attacking characters and then finish off with Madeline.

The other was far less synergistic, being a more straight forward team-attack deck. It was an Avengers/Spider-Friends pairing. The idea was to play Daily Bugle with and in order to reuse attack / defense pumps (Big Leagues anyone?). The rest of the resource row was characters in preparation for turn six. MOR Mattie Franklin powering up from the resource row and replaces all the extra drops, then bring out Elektra on turn seven. It worked alright for the player I provided it to, but would definitely need more work if played again.

Kudos to everyone who stepped up to the challenge!

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