October 13, 2008

Clone Saga Results

Another really good tournament has come and gone, this time with 11 players coming out to compete in our Clone Saga event. There were a few gimmes, and a few surprises among the characters chosen; including Darkseid, The Joker, Captain America, Dr. Doom, Captain America, Brainiac 13, Silver Surfer, Rha' al Ghul and more! I wasn't able to take a close look at every player's deck, but I was very impressed with the creativity shown in some of the builds. From those that did have a chance to look at I think the Captain America and Silver Surfer decks had some really good potential, with the Cap deck coming in second only to Doom. Once again Scott walked away with top prize, smashing all comers in an impressive 4-0 tournament win. We'll have another Ultimates play mat and the final three MUL cards up for grabs in an upcoming event.

Next time however, we're going to play some multi-player games. Depending on the number of players we'll either play some 2-on-2 team games, some 3-player battles, or possibly some Giant-Size games up against Galactus and Starro. Yes, I said Starro. Captain Spud on VS Realms put together an excellent Starro deck that I've play tested a few times and I think will be a lot of fun for everyone.

Just a reminder to everyone, banned cards are not legal in our Golden Age events, so please be sure to check the banned list, or check with me if you're not sure what cards have been banned. I'll try to put together a list for the site here as soon as I can.

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