October 30, 2008

Multiplayer Re-cap

The past few events have been great in terms of participation! Over the past two months I don't think we've had an event with less than 10 players signed up, and to me that is just awesome. I love seeing the group grow and change with the addition of new players, deck ideas, and friends.

For the multi-player game night last week, it was a little odd. I was running a little late and had had a rather long day before heading down to Trilogy, and wasn't quite prepared to be greeted by a dozen beaming faces all waiting to play some cards. I hadn't expected quite that many players, and had only brought one Galactus set and one Starro set, which wasn't enough for that many players.

What we ended up doing is something we've done once before, and while I'm a fan of it, I am sure some of the players aren't quite sure what to make of it. We ran two 3-player games, and one 2-on-2 game, for three rounds. The way we determined the winners for the tournament wasn't by who won, but rather by vote. Each round, every player voted for someone who played in their game that they thought was the best player, but not necessarily who won. It makes for an interesting dynamic, and is something quite different from the norm...as playing to win doesn't always net you a lot of votes. I think it fosters good sportsmanship and fun play and plan to keep the format around.

With that, I have to congratulate our 1st prize winner Matt, who took home the second of our two Ultimates play mats, and Harry who was the winner of the rare MUL Submariner cards!

Next up with be our Golden Age "Bring Your Own 2 Team" event.

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