July 26, 2009

And Our New Champion Chooses...

Our VS System tourney on Friday had a new first-time winner: Congratulations to Vern and his formidable Inhumans! Those moon-dwellers are full of tricks... Ben came in second, piloting an Injustice Gang deck centering on Criminal Mastermind. Impressively he was able to set up four copies of it in his row on not one but two of his four matches.

As per the winner's decree our next tournament format will be Golden Age Open: Ban 5. Each player chooses 5 cards that they can ban for this event. If a card has been reprinted, banning one effectively bans all versions (such as Mobilize or Flying Kick). Post your ban-lists in the comments to this article. Selections must be entered by midnight on Sunday, August 2nd. Your ban list is void if you do not join us to play in the tournament.


dark121 said...

(changed my mind on one sorry)
pretty much everyone's gonna hate me...

ehb-005 hellboy
dsm-112 shaligo
mvl-258, dl2-187 mobilize
mev-165 Blink!
mor-101 lost city


Harry said...

ASS. Jk I wasn't going to play darkseid anyway...

mev-138 Heather Hudson <> Sasquatch
MEQ-004 Cloak of Levitation
MMK-007 Daredevil
DCL-267 Nasty Surprise
MUN-307 Grudge Match

Obsidian3D said...

Some surprises in those lists so far. Here are my choices:

MEX-013 Silver Surfer's Board
MAA-003 X-Men Assemble!
MUN-032 Captain America's Shield
MUN-064 Radiaoactive Man
MUN-095 Iron Man

Scott said...

MUN-117 - Wolverine
MEV-206 - Weapon Plus Satteline
MEV-225 - Victor Mancha
MUN-026 - Spider-man
... and most satisfyingly...
MCG-039 - Pathetic Attempt

I'm also surprised to see some of the cards on the list. I'd love to see the deck that abuses Daredevil, for instance.

Harry said...

No abuse =P Just me being silly.