September 21, 2009

Haskatonic Kicks er...Wha?

So our Call of Cthulhu LCG league has been running for a few weeks now and seems to be fun for the players, but our numbers are a little light. So far we're averaging 3 or 4 players per event, and I'd like that to grow. So if you've picked up your starter set and are wondering what the do with it, the answer is...whatever you want!Most of the teams can work with any other, the key is finding some synergy or common thread that you can make use of to give them an advantage over your opponent. It seems a general consensus of the players so far that the Hastur cards from the starter aren't well suited to being your primary faction. However, they seem to go well with almost any other faction! They're like the vodka of CoC...mix it with something else and you'll probably be able to get something tasty out of it.

One of the more original pairings I've seen so far utilizing the Hastur faction cards was a team-up with Mistaktonic U, put together by Jason. He even gave it the cute little nickname Haskatonic (well as cute as demons and scholars driving you insane can be).

Think the Syndicate doesn't play nice with Cthulhu? Shub-Niggurath is too uptight to slum it with Shog-Sothoth? Or maybe those pesky folks at the Agency have turned to Hastur for the power to smite demons and evil-doers alike. Give something a try. You might be insanely surprised.

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Icemanufs said...

I might be a little late tomorrow. I have a birthday thing for one of my employees, Were going for one cent dry ribs. See you at Tril, I might bring a friend with me, he is debating on picking the game up.