September 11, 2009

VS System Cubed

Well our last event was a really interesting. A big thanks to Roy for putting together a draft cube for us to play from. The players all had a really great time drafting from it and playing our games. We ended up using four "packs" to build our decks, which I actually found to be very difficult. There were just too many good cards to choose from and it was tough to eliminate enough of them to get my deck down to a playable size of 30 cards.

My first game was against Collin, who missed drops on turn two and five. I hit a perfect curve all the way up with my JLA / X-Force free team up. I also had Black Bolt on the table and was able to team him up every turn after the first one, making him a minimum 5/5. With a full board advantage against him Collin just couldn't manage a win. Sadly for me things went downhill quickly from there.

I lost my second game, which netted me a bye for round three. My final match put me up against Roy. My deck treated me much as Collin's had in our game...badly. I couldn't draw enough characters to hold of Roy's characters and had to accept defeat as gracefully as possible. It was a fun game though!

In the end Roy's hard work putting things together netted him our first t-shirt prize: a really spiffy Iron Man shirt! Congratulations, and thanks again.


Rory_Tate said...

No problem. It was fun. I know the drafting can be boring but getting to use a bunch of cards you'd seldom see together is a lot of fun. I thought you and Harry both had pretty good decks considering the format. I didn't try for any team ups rather just large characters on curve. Somehow it worked out for me. ;)
I'm keeping the cube sleeved for future use. Just lemmi know if you ever want to use it again.

Harry said...

It was fun :) I just would have been fine if we had one less pack, with that 4th it made it hard to select which cards would be in my deck.