October 20, 2009

Enter the Dreamlands

Hey everyone,

I'm back from my cross-Pacific adventure and it's good to be home. I trust everyone was able to get some good gaming in over the weeks I was away. Thanks go to Will and Roy for running Cthulhu and VS events in my stead. I really appreciate it, and I'm sure the players do too, thanks guys!

The next event coming up is round 6 of our Call of Cthulhu Adventure League. This event sees a turning point I think, as players will be able to add a third and final pack to their deck for play in the league. Trades have been slim across the board, so the pack choices have been critical to making the decks stronger throughout play.
After the sixth round concludes we'll take stock of the standings and organize a final tournament to crown the winner for the first phase of play. First place will take home a deck of Cthulhu playing cards as well as a faction pin. Second place will also obtain a faction pin. Following the final tournament we'll begin the second phase of the adventure league, so keep your eyes open for more details on that in the coming weeks.

To get you thinking about new deck ideas I thought I'd remind everyone that the next set of Asylum Packs has started: The Dreamlands. The forces of Day and Night come out to play in the second pack, entitled In Memory of Day.

Take a look here for a sample of some of the upcoming cards.

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Roy Madill, Rachelle Madill said...

Hey guys I thought I'd post a list of my VS wants here... please let me know if you have any of these...
3 MSM-059 Uncommon Costume Change
1 MSM-061 Uncommon Going My Way?
2 DWF-179 Rare Professor Emil Hamilton <> Ruin Power Suit
1 MVL-177 Uncommon Spider-Man Power and Responsibility
2 DCL-245 Uncommon Birthing Chamber
1 MEQ-003 Rare Punisher Loaded for Bear