October 26, 2009

Prepare for Invasion

Over the past two months I've been keeping a watchful eye on the preview announcements for Fantasy Flight Games' newest Living Card Game: Warhammer Invasion. Not being a player of the miniature game, I initially had very little interest in this card game. My love of fantasy in general, enjoyment of the Call of Cthulhu game, and appreciation for the Living Card Game model got me looking at things more closely. As time progressed and I saw more cards, my interest grew.

A few weeks back FFG posted up a 'how to play' tutorial on their website. The new tutorial goes through the game from setup to an in-depth play example, and is probably the second-best play tutorial for any game out there on the internet. (My first choice would still be for the CoC tutorial, which is a little cooler.) Having watched through the video and looking closely at all of the preview cards, my interest was truly piqued.

Then comes the news that the core set will be releasing a full three weeks early! Wow, that's impressive news indeed. So the internet starts buzzing with various reviews, several of which I read (partly in hopes that they're bad so I can save myself the money). To my surprise however, I have yet to see a review of the game that is anything BUT extremely positive. So that my friends, results in an online order of the core set, and my avid anticipation of its pending arrival.

It's doubtful I'll start a league for yet another game, but I can wait to give this one some time on my gaming table. Call in the reinforcements and sound the call for Invasion!

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