January 26, 2010

Through the Ages

There have been villains, and heroes putting themselves on the line to stop them. Well VS System is no different. With the end of UDE's set releases the fan community has taken things upon themselves to continue the game with fan sets, ban and card wording updates and other suggestions. With our local group adding fan sets on our own schedule I will be maintaining the following "age" list.

Modern Age:
- Marvel Factions
- DC Universe
- Marvel Universe (includes MEQ and MUL)
- DC Legends (includes DCX)

Silver Age (includes Modern Age sets):
- Marvel Legends (includes MAA, Coming of Galactus and MEX)
- World's Finest
- Marvel Team-Up (includes Hellboy)
- Legion of Superheroes

Golden Age (also includes Modern and Silver Age sets):
- Heralds of Galactus
- Infinite Crisis
- X-Men
- Justice League of America
- Avengers
- Green Lantern Corps
- Marvel Knights
- Man of Steel
- Web of Spider Man
- DC Origins
- Marvel Origins
- Marvel Evolutions

As you'll see, Evolutions is now only legal in Golden Age tournaments for our hobby league. I feel there are still a lot of power issues with this set, but don't want to ban an entire set from league play. We will start playing more age-specific events to encourage building new decks.

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