January 06, 2010

VS System...2010 Is Underway!

Hey hey hey kids!

Things are looking up for us this year. I'm very excited about the move to weekly tournaments. With this change you might have noticed the little monthly schedule on the right panel, which replaces the bi-weekly tournament information. It's easier and more practical to post the schedule for the entire month, as it gives you a chance to plan your gaming in advance.

Our first tournament of the year will be sealed Marvel draft. The set hasn't been determined yet, so you'll just have to come down and see what we've got. The schedule will follow the pattern you see there *points to the right*. The first Friday will be a sealed event of some kind, for as long as I'm able to get sealed product to play with. The second and fourth weeks will remain as Golden Age constructed events, and the third will be different a themed event each month. Should we end up with a fifth Friday in the month...well I'll come up with something!

On a different but related note, our new prizes are not yet ready to go. What that means is that this week we'll be playing for some older UDE prize cards, but next week we'll have some shiny new toys to enjoy. I'll also be happy to recap the plans for the year should anyone have questions.

Happy New Year and Happy Gaming. Bring out your cardboard super heroes and villains and wage battle over the tabletop this, and (almost) every, Friday night!

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