April 16, 2010

Godspeed Peter

Ok this will seem a little random for most of you...since I usually keep my stuff here related to gaming and whatnot. Here's the story.

Something sorta freaky happened recently. There’s a band I have liked since high school called Type O Negative. I hadn’t given them much thought for a few months (they haven’t put anything out since 2007), but during lunch on Wednesday I brought them up in conversation…saying that I wanted to see if they were working on anything new.

So, when I got home and was doing some work in the evening I flipped open the Type O Negative website and saw that two of the band members had a new band called Seventh Void. I opened youtube to see if I could find a tune. I did…and one of the comments said “RIP Peter”. Peter Steele is…or rather was the lead singer for Type O. He died Wednesday. It was confirmed by the band on Thursday morning. The time of day we were having lunch was within an hour of the likely time Peter would have passed away.

I've come to believe over the past decade or so of my life that energy creates thoughts and feelings, and vice versa…so I don’t believe my thought about the band (which essentially IS Peter Steele) was random. Somewhere in the great energies that create our reality I caught a ripple of something...

I'm sure that Peter's bandmates, friends, family and fans will all feel the loss in some way. For myself, I'll simply wish him well on his next journey and say thanks for the music!

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