June 29, 2010

July Formats

With July coming up really fast, we get to celebrate Canada Day. Flag waving in the sun is good fun, but I think I'm looking forward to having an extra gaming night this month. And what a cool event it's going to be! Make sure to clear your schedule, send the wife out of town or play dead then sneak out of the house...because the event on July 30th is one that you absolutely don't want to miss.

Before we get to the 30th though, we have some other games to play. The Avengers sealed event is pretty self explanatory. If we have more than four players we'll draft from three packs. If there are four or less, we'll play sealed instead.

I think most of us have played the Alter Ego format as well, but we're going to add another twist to it this time: switch deck. Not only will you get a random Alter Ego to play with each round, but it will be accompanied by a deck made by one of the other players. Talk about warping your mind...this one should be a lot of fun.

And finally, before we play the big golden age event you all salivate over, we're going to try another block formatted tournament. This time will be Crisis Block. You may only build your deck using cards listed below. The Crisis Block contains the following sets:

- Legion of Super-Heroes
- Heralds of Galactus
- Infinite Crisis
- The X-Men & X-Men Starter
- Justice League of America
- The Avengers
- Fantastic Four Starter

So get your deck-building hats on and strap yourselves in...July promises to be a good one!

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